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Home Theatre Ideas – Home Cinema Room in St George’s Hill High home cinema room in St George’s Hill, Weybridge Surrey

St George’s Hill in Weybridge, Surrey is probably one of the UK’s most exclusive areas to live in, with large stone houses. As a fully gated community, this area attracts high-end individuals and families who value privacy and security. We are pleased to present this stunning home theater design for one of the most prestigious properties in the area!

Home Theatre Ideas

Home Theatre Ideas

The clients brief was a luxury space with the ultimate cinematic experience. To achieve this, a 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos sound system was designed around the room with 9 speakers at ear level, two subwoofers located behind the screen and four speakers in the ceiling for overhead sounds. The walls allow speakers and acoustic treatments to be installed before being covered with stretch fabric. We use a similar approach to the ceiling, to incorporate lighting (controlled by a Lutron lighting system) and create a dropped cavity in the middle using a velvet effect fabric reminiscent of clouds in the sky.

Monarch Revival: Home Theatre

The large 5m Widescreen Screen Excellence projector screen displays a laser-illuminated 4K projection image from a top-of-the-line Sony projector. Sources such as Apple TV, Kaleidescape and Sky TV give customers access to a large library of films. The viewing angles, as well as the sound system, provide a fully immersive cinematic experience! The projector screen is also acoustically transparent, which allows us to create a space where we place the left, center and right front speakers together with the subwoofers. The Trinow surround sound system decodes the soundtrack and delivers the best cinema sound by applying best-in-class room correction and sound mapping to each of the speakers. Design touches such as a long pile carpet and a selection of rugs all ensure the best possible room acoustics.

For a home theater of this level, customers demand total comfort. Motorized cinema seats from Home Theater Modules allow customers to be very comfortable with push-button headrest and footrest control. The fully custom nature of the seats allowed us to display the controls and cup holders in gold to match the door handles! This attention to detail ensures a very cohesive space that oozes luxury from the moment you enter the space. When you visit this site, DotDash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mainly in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and devices and are used to make the site work as you expect, to understand how you interact with the site, and to display ads targeted to your interests. You can learn more about our use, change your preferences and withdraw your consent by visiting our cookie settings, which can also be found in the footer of this site.

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A movie theater may not be a necessity in any home, but it sure is a pleasure. If your family gatherings revolve around movie night or you love a great movie, a home theater may be worth the investment.

Ideas To Design The Perfect Home Cinema

Of course, finding a suitable place to watch a movie can be difficult. But the truth is, home theaters can live almost anywhere in your home. With a little imagination, you can turn your basement, attic or living room into a cozy movie corner. And you can cover as much or as little as you want.

To help you figure out how to create your own movie adventure, we’ve rounded up 20 great cinemas. From theaters decked out in Hollywood glamor to versatile living rooms that double as movie theaters, these home theater ideas will inspire more of your mood board than you can imagine.

When painting our homes, most of us avoid dark colors like grays and navy blues. But because movie theaters are supposed to be cozy and dark, they are perfect candidates for the darkest shades of the spectrum. So, risk a dark paint color that might make you hesitate, and let the shade set the mood in your cozy home theater.

Home Theatre Ideas

Most movie theaters are designed to maximize space, making room for as many theater seats as possible. But if you don’t plan to sell tickets to your next movie night, you won’t be bound by the same restrictions. So, replace the folding chairs with the most comfortable sofa and enjoy relaxing while watching your favorite movies.

Modern Home Theatre Room Design Ideas 2021

Decorate the entrance hall to your cinema and make your movie nights festive. Line your walls with framed movie posters, drape your ceiling with theater lights, and if you’re going out, give your entrance a grand entrance with an eye-catching “theatre” sign.

If you don’t have a windowless room to work in, you’re out of luck. By hanging elegant blackout curtains, you can keep the sunlight from ruining your theater experience – and add a touch of glamor to your room too.

Ceilings add a statement to any room, but they’re great fun in a home theater. The room is so themed that you can be very creative with the ceiling design. Try painting your ceiling a striking color, lighting it with blue skylights, or covering it with textured tiles.

Don’t forget to consider how well the tiles absorb sound. Movie theaters can be noisy, and you want your acoustics to sound good.

Amazing Cinema Room Ideas

When it comes to theater seating, you don’t have to stick to just one option. So line the front of a theater with couches fit for the lounge and steel chairs in the back. This segmented approach gives you the flexibility to watch movies the way you want. And it gives you room to host many guests on the most popular movie nights.

Are you looking for an easy way to make your home theater more romantic? Cover your ceiling with fake stars. By covering your ceiling with small lights, you can create a ceiling that looks like a wonderful sky.

The lights are so dim that you can leave them on while watching your favorite movies. (Of course, you can always turn them off if you prefer complete darkness.)

Home Theatre Ideas

Finding space for a home theater can be difficult. So look at the underutilized rooms. If your house is covered with an attic, then it is not possible

Acoustic Treatment For Home Theatre Open On One Side

Because home theaters need to be comfortable, they can live in spaces that are too tight to accommodate other rooms.

No movie night is complete without some truly amazing appetizers. And with a little creativity – and a great sign – you can turn your home bar into a concession stand worthy of any movie theater in town.

Arranging the chairs in a semi-circle may seem a little odd, but it’s a very effective way to set up your home cinema. By choosing a semi-circle over a straight line, you can squeeze in extra seats without obstructing anyone’s view. And if you grab chairs with adjustable armrests, you can turn your chain of chairs into one large curved sofa.

Many movie theaters are equipped with wall-mounted screens. But your home theater may not need such a large TV, so if you choose a smaller alternative, look for ways to fill the area around your TV.

Home Cinema Installation St Albans & London

Paint your walls black or frame your screen with matching prints? Since your goal is to focus on your TV and not distract from it, you’ll want to keep your decor dark, sleek and simple.

Carpets do a good job of insulating, so every home theater should have them. And remember, you don’t have to stick to the most basic option. A retro rug can bring classic Hollywood glamor to your home theater. So complement your most dramatic drapes with a bold rug.

If you have room for multiple rows of coaches, use the steps to raise the back. No one wants to deal with a blocked view, so make your movie nights comfortable by giving every seat in your theater a clear view of the screen.

Home Theatre Ideas

Blankets may not be part of the traditional movie theater experience. But you can definitely make them a staple of movie nights at home. So fill your cozy theater seats with the perfect blankets. And when you’re planning to host a party, grab a handful in a basket nearby.

Creating The Perfect Basement Home Theatre

Make your home theater more flexible by shopping these

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