Home Workshop Ideas

Home Workshop Ideas – Think you need a large workshop to create amazing furniture and cool DIY projects? No answer for us! We do all woodworking and DIY projects in a small workshop. We fit a lot of tools and supplies into a small space, so check out how we do it!

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Home Workshop Ideas

Home Workshop Ideas

A workshop should be flexible and organized so that you can create amazing DIY projects. However, if you’re like us, space at home is limited, and most people don’t have the luxury of an empty 2-car garage, storage room, or large workshop.

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Our workshop is quite small, which means we have to organize it strategically so that we can get what we want. It’s not always the most organized or the most used space, but over the years we’ve improved our workshop layout!

Here’s a quick tour of our mini-workshop to show you how we implement organizational ideas and maximize our space.

If you’re looking for more general workshop setup ideas, check out our other article on organizing your garage and workshop. We’ve implemented many of these concepts in our little workshop!

Okay, so the workshop isn’t that small, but it’s not that big either. We are lucky to have a two car garage that is as deep as the house. This leaves extra space for a small shop. With the machines here, that leaves us about 20 by 13 feet of work space.

Home Office With A View

For larger projects, we can increase the available space from 20 to 32 cars. This gives us extra space for assembly or finishing. But since cars are mostly in garages, everything we use has to be shop-fit.

Therefore, we provide a quick guide on how we implement workshop organizing ideas in our small workshop.

The heart of our wood shop is the desk work area. We inherited this Craftsman table from my husband’s grandfather who introduced him to woodworking. Since the deck is old, it has some minor issues, but still works well.

Home Workshop Ideas

With a sharp knife and some wire, we’ve made some great DIY furniture. It’s on wheels, so it’s easy to move around when you need extra space to manage large sheets or extra-long boards. However, the best we’ve seen so far is the desk and side support table.

My Tiny Home Workshop/storage/man Cave.

This side table can also be moved around the shop as an assembly table or as a table for feeding long pieces at the front of the ladder. Folding the feeding table gives us more space in the chair when needed, but usually remains upright. Both tables have adjustable legs so they can be adjusted in our slanted garage. It is only possible to use a carriage bolt with two nuts to fix it.

You can feed the tables to the table you see yourself like we did. Or buy your own brand of products that work with the table.

On the far wall of the workshop we have a French paneling system made of wood. This clamping system includes our regular tools, such as clamps, hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers. The best thing about these French nails is how easy they are to repurpose when you get new tools or add new handles. We’ve rearranged the layout several times over the past year as we set up shop to maximize space.

On the same wall, the desks all have weapons hanging next to the deck. This board is a convenient place to hang the fence on a table or measuring table and replace the miter and crosshairs. The best features are the push button and a basket that can hold a marker pen. If we had to move them out of the way, we would put the pusher on a wooden rack. Every once in a while it bites us because someone hits the table before realizing it’s not blocked. Never! Lesson learned, organize your workspace so you have access to what you need.

Workshop Organization + How It Looks Today

In a small shop, you have to be creative in using the space only as needed. The store offers creative solutions such as folding tables for the main theme. This table is inspired by those folding carts you see everywhere, but we’ve taken it to the next level. We have a 16-foot workbench equipped with a belt, router table, plane, miter saw, and belt sander. The last slot will eventually be for a small seat drawer that will be added soon.

Each tool here can be configured as needed to maximize our capabilities. When we just need a large space for placement, gluing, sanding or assembly, everything can be rolled up and we have plenty of space.

We also put the table at a height to save our backs, which means we have space under the seat for various items, an air compressor and space to expand storage when needed.

Home Workshop Ideas

Check out our DIY plans for how to make an inverted table in our shop or on Etsy.

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Using any vertical space is another important way to increase your workspace and organize your workshop. On the shelves above our workbench, we have a variety of DIY and woodworking tools. We put our frequently used items on open shelves underneath, and cover the tops to hide other items.

Because we love to DIY sustainably and use what we already have, we recently added a door to an open storage system in our small workshop. It helps keep the door free of dust and makes the room more orderly and clean.

Instead of removing open shelves and installing cabinets, we installed two long swing-style doors. Then hang the door from the ceiling by aligning the board to the board and attaching the door to that board. A simple latch system can then hold the door open and open.

We like this hybrid because it gives you flexibility behind the door and you’re not limited by cabinet width.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Small Shop

The best way to organize a flat in a small workshop depends on how often the item is used and how similar tools are grouped together.

On the lowest shelf are our frequently used items. A species that often shakes during projects and does not want to open the door. The most commonly used items in our mini workshop are:

Yes. We have a lot of drill batteries, but drills happen when they are about 12 years old. The drill was now starting to slide, but the battery was slowly dying and had to be replaced. We may be replacing it soon, so the Dewalt comes standard with our impact drivers.

Home Workshop Ideas

The second shelf contains frequently used tools by project. These can be things like hand-held belt sanders, block planes and sanders, router bits, impact cutters, cookie cutters, buffers, power tools, and drills.

Organizing A Shed Ideas For Workshop Tools

Finally, the top shelf has all the items that are rarely used. For us, these are items like rotary vanes, angle grinders, multi-tools and dremels, paint sprayers, plumbing fixtures, ropes, and various variations of the previous items.

By using our workshop, we can arrange and arrange what we need closest to us and give us a visual clue when something is unused and if we should consider getting rid of it.

In addition to tool and storage space, all workshops have some type of assembly room, and our small workshop is no different. When it comes time to assemble project components, we mostly use workbenches for rough assembly or gluing. If a flat surface is missing, our side table can also be an assembly table. For larger projects, we speak honestly. If we use a nice tree, we throw a towel or cardboard over it to protect it. But usually we clear the debris and then start construction. We’ve used these small assembly units for all of our DIY projects, from modern platform bed frames to our storage sheds and rain barrels.

However, from time to time it needs more space

Small Room Ideas

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