New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families – Ring in the New Year with friends and family with these kids’ Christmas party ideas. Get the games and activities for your Christmas holiday so that adults and kids welcome 2020 with joy.

There is something special about ringing in another new year. I like to reflect on the past year as I look forward to the next year. One of my favorite things about the New Year is reliving family memories while planning new ones.

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

Every year we like to welcome the New Year with a Christmas party. Sometimes they are adults, sometimes children and families gather. Even a children’s party will look elegant with these black and white party ideas. Simple and sophisticated for any Christmas party.

Awesome New Year’s Eve Games For Kids

If you’re looking for easy family activities to do while relaxing in bed or entertaining the neighborhood, here are plenty of New Year’s Eve party ideas.

From food and games to kid-friendly crafts and activities, here are some kid-friendly things to do so adults have time to celebrate, too.

Turn your New Years party into a colorful confetti-filled shindig with these confetti pop party ideas. A few boxes of fruit pebbles and some colorful decorations liven up this party theme.

Serve all the donuts, cookies, donuts, etc., so you can make them next year. These New Year’s Eve ring ideas are great for kids (or adults).

Family Friendly New Year’s Party Ideas

Forget all the colors and go for black and white instead. Serve black and white food (hello Oreos), play games with black and white dice, and create a black and white photo booth. Get all the fun black and white Christmas party ideas here.

These fun New Years games for kids will help you reach midnight without anyone complaining about being bored.

During your party, you can play various Christmas minutes to win. These games are fun and great fun for a large or small group.

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

Or if you prefer something more general, these games are also perfect for winning.

New Years Eve Activities For Kids

Drop Squat is fun enough for kids, but also challenging for adults. Add this fun marble board game to your kids’ New Year’s Eve party.

Check out two fun Christmas background scenes that kids can choose to play in the Christmas Eve Who Would You Game.

Mix things up in this fun Christmas dice game featuring candies, dice and fun memories of yesteryear. One (like this dice game gift exchange) is sure to be popular with all ages.

Have the kids run around the house trying to find the next clue (and a fun surprise at the end) with this Christmas scavenger hunt. Or if you want something more general, try one of these other scavenger hunt ideas.

Glam New Year’s Eve Party Themes

See who can be the first to ring all the right things that happened last year in this fun New Year’s Game in the Ring. It’s a little more challenging, so recommended for older kids, but still fun.

Kids love to laugh at little jokes and then repeat them to their friends. Keep them laughing all night long with free printable jokes from Bren Didt.

Print this free word search from Crayons and Cravings for kids and adults to play. Discover 18 different Christmas themed vocabulary words.

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

If you’ve left the games or prefer something a little more low-key, pick one of these New Year’s Eve events.

Winnington Park Recreation Club: New Year’s Eve Family Party

It’s even more fun if you actually make Christmas countdown boxes and do an activity every hour.

Create a time capsule with the past year, goals and more. Get free printables and other time capsule ideas from Play Party Planner here.

Dance to the biggest hits in this Christmas playlist. Favorites like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to get you dancing in 2020!

Get a free Thirty Days of Crafts printable to review your year. Children can write down their favorite memories of the year and set resolutions and goals for the next year.

Easy New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Kids

Make crackers in a container with these instructions from Growing a Jewel Rose. You can light up a room when you ring in the New Year.

No Christmas party for kids is complete without making holiday hats. Happiness is Homemade has free printable hats that kids can color and then wear to other parties.

Encourage children to think about the future by asking them to create a vision board for the coming year. It is never too early to set goals and work towards them.

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

Have the kids make paper donuts with personalized messages for each other. Such a cute and unique project by Amanda Crafts.

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Teens

No one says you have to serve Christmas themed meals, so I recommend something that makes the kids happy. These are some of my favorite recipes that kids always love.

These rainbow donuts are perfect for any colorful New Year’s celebration. I mean, who doesn’t love donuts? You can also use these other donut party ideas and make the night donut themed.

It’s New Year’s Eve, so you need to serve up some fancy, kid-friendly drinks! Although you can make this simple Christmas punch, I always love a good mockup. This strawberry citrus fruit mockup is a family favorite and is always loved by kids.

Depending on what time of day and how long you’re hosting your party, you may want some heavy food; Well, you can pick these up, no forks needed. These pulled pork sandwiches are so easy to make and so delicious! Kids will love the sweet bacon with soft rolls.

Fabulous Decor Ideas For The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

Tips are always a big hit. Whether you serve it with buffalo chicken, spinach, or fruit salad, kids love dips. This spinach is even better when made into fun crunchy dishes like artichoke cups.

If you want to serve food and get the kids involved, these English Muffin Pizzas are as much fun as they are to eat. Let the kids personalize theirs, and you can cut the cheese into numbers to make it New Year’s themed.

Taco time! Since New Year’s Eve is on a Tuesday this year, you can enjoy a Taco Tuesday themed New Year’s Eve buffet. Serve this homemade taco meat (so much better than the package) and these fun taco bites for a delicious treat! I love the opportunity to celebrate. New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays because you can celebrate very simply or extravagantly. I don’t think it’s a high stress holiday, we’re aiming for something to do with the family.

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

Every year I like to find some simple and easy activities on New Year’s Eve. I try to minimize the ingredients and preparation as much as possible. Here are some of our favorite Christmas activities for kids from last year.

Things To Do On New Year’s Eve At Home 2024

Each year when we plan our schedule, we plan a simple movement followed by a craft or snack.

We posted a giant balloon clock on the wall to start our NYE countdown. Inside each balloon is a piece of paper with an activity. Every 15 minutes (sometimes every 30 minutes, depending on the activity) we popped the balloon and found a new activity to try. Check out this post for details on how to do a New Year’s Balloon Countdown.

We originally had 12 activities, but others took longer than we expected so we dropped some. The goal was to have fun and not get bogged down with too many activities, so sometimes you have to be flexible and skip some of the planned activities.

To make our Christmas hats I drew letter numbers on balloons, cut them out, and then glued them to long pieces of cardboard.

New Year’s Eve Ideas For Families

The kids decorated their numbers and hats with markers and stickers and then we put them together to make a crown/hat that they could wear whenever they wanted at our party later.

For NYE pizza, we got pizza dough from the grocery store and shaped it according to the year. The kids each got a slice of “their” pizza and each decorated their slice with their favorite toppings, cheese and sauce.

My mother likes to do things. Trinkets in fun Christmas themed plastic cups are more fun than a regular cup.

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

We prepared the supplies for the trivia and then the kids collected theirs. They are strawberries and raspberries (chopped),

Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Kids Food, Activities, And Crafts!

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