Home Ideas Kitchen

Home Ideas Kitchen – The country style kitchen is beautiful and sits comfortably in the heart of Georgian and authentic farmhouses. Whether you’re looking to complement your kitchen with a comfortable breakfast nook, freestanding kitchen island, lighting or beauty, the designers at John Lewis in Hungerford can help you realize your unique vision.

Our handmade traditional kitchens are designed for you and your family, with beauty and functionality at all times. Our original Artisan designs exude elegant English simplicity and are easily customizable.

Home Ideas Kitchen

Home Ideas Kitchen

Here are 10 modern elements we can bring into your kitchen to give it a charming country feel, along with examples of some of our wonderful projects from the past.

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Our traditional glass-fronted Artisan cabinets are a beautiful way to display glassware and tableware. In this country kitchen design, we have abundant storage space created by glass wall cabinets with a beautiful Persian green interior. Using the classic Cardoon color as the main color choice for the lower cabinet doors draws the eye to the crockery and glassware shown above.

The kitchen island is a fixture in large country kitchens and dates back to the 19th century, when traditional homes had a desk in front of the stove. They create a focal point that provides more storage space, additional work space for food preparation and an excellent space for entertaining friends and family, as well as the perfect opportunity to experiment with features such as pendant lighting. Our custom kitchen islands can be tailored to your needs and can be equipped with everything from deep drawers and pull-out storage to built-in appliances.

The real highlight of a traditional country kitchen is the stove, which is a great way to add rustic charm to the heart of your home. The quiet Cardoon cabinetry pictured below contrasts beautifully with the sleek black fireplace, while a country-style oven frames the high ceiling and surrounds the stove. For the most traditional feel, our designers recommend choosing stoves with minimal glazing and tea rails.

At John Lewis of Hungerford, we are color specialists. In fact, we are the first custom kitchen company to offer a variety of durable cabinet colors. That’s why you can trust us when we say that a classic country kitchen requires careful consideration of color.

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Traditionally, the kitchen is the worker of the house and function before the fashion, so we often see soft and practical colors such as cream and water color in the kitchen in the country. Modern country kitchens have many options to go beyond these shades and our careful heritage colors such as Townhouse Blue, Malthouse and Green Tea all work beautifully in country style kitchens.

Another feature of the country kitchen is the natural stone floor. Flooring is a common practice in historic farmhouses, stately homes and English cottages because it is easy to maintain and can help regulate temperatures by retaining heat in the colder months and cooler summers. Most natural stone floor tiles also work well with modern underfloor heating.

Stone floors are available in many types, colors and finishes. Limestone is a classic choice and looks good in honey beige tones or muted gray. For a darker effect, stone slabs are available in black or warm patina tones, while polished travertine in soft oyster tones looks stunning in most settings.

Home Ideas Kitchen

Traditional cabinets are a must when it comes to creating a beautiful rustic kitchen that fits the countryside. Our Craftsman kitchen features detailed cabinetry that includes raised center panels and beautiful drawer edge detailing. The versatility that comes with a custom kitchen allows us to add additional design elements to accentuate the rustic beauty of an Artisan kitchen, such as shelving and open shelving.

Simple Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Interior Design Beautiful

The beautifully simple Belfast ceramic basin has been around for the better part of 300 years and its popularity has not waned. Commonly found in historic homes across the British Isles, this deep sink is perfect for washing large pots and pans and adds a timeless feature to any country kitchen. The large Belfast double sink pictured below contrasts with the Heron Gray Artisan units, making the sink and tile behind it a beautiful focal point in this kitchen.

Finishing touches can transform a room and vintage kitchen items can be just what you need to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen space. Objects such as copper pots, old scales, traditional kettles or antique hanging lamps give a modern kitchen an indispensable touch of country comfort.

Another characteristic of the traditional country kitchen is the free-standing furniture. Imagine a free-standing hall, a painted dining room or a traditional laundry room or kitchen – all beautiful pieces of kitchen furniture that provide extra space for storage and food preparation, while having a country charm. At John Lewis of Hungerford, we offer a range of beautiful free-standing furniture for your kitchen, handcrafted to enhance your space. The classic Flour farmhouse kitchen pictured below uses our hand-painted worktop in a contrasting color to create a focal point.

Natural wood elements warm the color palette of the kitchen and create a wonderful home environment. Wood appliances are durable, long-lasting and a great way to introduce wood into your kitchen. They create truly traditional kitchen work surfaces and have been a popular choice in both small and large homes for centuries.

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We hope this blog post has inspired you to design your own country kitchen. If you would like to discuss your kitchen renovation or discuss your interior design ideas, schedule a free design consultation to speak with our design team. We use a combination of traditional and modern techniques and use only selected materials to give you a beautiful kitchen that is built to last.

Green is a beautiful, calm color; The perfect combination for a busy kitchen or utility room. At John Lewis of Hungerford, we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of greens, from dark forest greens to light spring greens. At John Lewis in Hungerford, you’ll find the perfect green to complement your stunning new kitchen. From the excellent statement […]

Since 1972, John Lewis of Hungerford has been creating high quality colored kitchens inspired by the unique tastes, needs and requirements of each of our customers. With our award-winning long-lasting color formulas, we can work with you to create beautiful spaces that fill your home. We believe that your dream kitchen will […]

Home Ideas Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is a truly versatile space for entertaining, dining and living. There are many kitchen styles, but two design options stand out: freestanding and integrated. Both have advantages and disadvantages and both styles can be used to create a luxury kitchen. Here we will present a combination […]

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I really enjoy making people’s kitchen dreams come true and seeing how happy they are when the kitchen installation is complete. Karen, Sales Designer, HUNGERFORD SHOWROOM

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