Home Assistant Ideas

Home Assistant Ideas – While the best feature for a fully-fledged smart home is to not touch your device, home assistant wizards create a variety of dashboard designs. Different devices, such as mobile, desktop or desktop, require different card settings and themes. We have made a tutorial on how to make a clean, small, unfriendly using mushroom cards. This article contains 10 of the most beautiful HACS themes that you can use to personalize Lovelace’s various users.

Look. Note that some of these themes use the card format as a basis for the full theme format. You need to install the theme to see all that is offered.

Home Assistant Ideas

Home Assistant Ideas

Bonus: we finally show you how to change themes from your dashboard!

Home Assistant0 101: Automation, Updates, Versions, And Ideas

If you haven’t enabled custom themes, add the following to your configuration.yaml file and restart Home Assistant:

An overview of Windows 10, including a Windows 10 accent color picker and 49 different colors taken from UI elements.

A collection of themes originally created for the home help community in Brazil, 10 new colors and 4 types of backgrounds.

Do you remember the endless summer of 84? Driving up and down the boardwalk with the wind in your hair and your head buzzing with neon dreams?

Smoke & Co Detector Ideas

The Waves theme is an improved version of the Noctis and Caule Pack themes. Available in light and dark colors with soft coverage.

To change the theme from the Lovelace toolbar, we need to create an input_select and an automation and connect them. The built-in frontend.set_theme has been reported to be broken for many users. The theme is locked with user login, so the service call needs to re-apply to the theme, even after selecting a backend on the profile page multiple times.

To overcome this error, we will use browser_mode as its own service call to change the theme without problems. Download the browser_mod from HACS and add it as a resource, see here.

Home Assistant Ideas

Make sure you add appropriate header names, which can be copied from the theme option on your homepage.

Automation Ideas For Home Assistant

We earn a small commission on qualified sales on these sites at no cost to you. When I started working with the Home Assistant, I didn’t think I’d end up blogging about it. At the time, I only had a few automation use cases and was looking for something I could run on my own hardware. that’s all. Of course, things are not that simple. I know. When the automation systems are running, you start to think about other possibilities, and the Home Assistant, a lot.

It takes time to get started. Technology will get faster, of course, but no home helper will sit down and think. I’m glad I wanted to try it. Searching for config files on Github helped, as did forums like Home Assistant and r/homeassistant on Reddit. The documentation and many blogs like this post often provide guidance on solutions or inspiration for something new. Here are some examples from my own setup. For those looking for how to do some automation, or just looking for ideas, I hope this helps.

Instead of multiple separate apps on your smart devices in one environment. How much time you spend creating a dashboard depends on how you want to interact with your home assistant and what you want to get out of it. For some, powerful dashboards with well-organized wall displays at home are considered the ultimate smart home. For others, the best hope is for automation to do all the heavy lifting and the user to take a back seat. There is no right or wrong here, only preferences. I often use dashboards for monitoring, but there are times when it’s easier or faster to manage certain tools than using automation or voice commands.

If you’re looking for ideas or want to see what’s possible, here are some examples of dashboards I’ve created.

Creative Home Automation Ideas + Set Up

This is a page I created for checking local weather and other environmental conditions. The ocean view helped a lot on trips to the beach… and I think a good weather chart might help if it’s foggy in California :-

This page provides a quick overview of the various items in my home, as well as the status of some of the containers I keep.

Look. All my features are displayed using Node-RED (the popular automation engine that works with the Home Assistant). The technology infrastructure created by the Home Assistant has improved significantly in recent months, and many people do not expect to switch to Node-RED. If this is similar to you, these examples should show a detailed description of a similar process in the Home Assistant.

Home Assistant Ideas

Light times are very simple and have a wide range of applications. I use some at home for a variety of reasons. Here is a simple example of lighting control around a home office.

Home Assistant Control The Ring Volume Of Your Partner’s Phone

I have three lamps in my family room. Ceiling lights are attached to wall switches, and media center lights and bedside lights are attached to wall outlets. He used himself. Now, when you change the background of the wall, you will change all the lights attached to the wall.

Since the boosters are only useful when someone comes on, why not use a motion sensor to control when the fan wakes up?

In terms of daily practice, locking the door is one of my top five favorite things to do. This example controls my office lock. I have one less thing to worry about at night or in the house.

One day I will upgrade my garage door with something that will automatically close it when I leave the house or if the door is left open more than 10 minutes after midnight. To this day, however, the publication of the puzzle greatly reduces the impact of my sometimes forgetful thinking.

Home Energy Management

That’s right. Simply attach the sensor to the garage door, then write down these two conditions:

There may be tasks that you need to do every now and then that require little effort (…like taking the pill) and they are not only easy to forget, but hard to remember if they are done. you do them. Here’s a trick that can help in both cases:

Like many people, we like to open our doors and windows in the summer to help keep the house cool in the evenings and mornings. The problem, of course, is that we usually work in the morning so we don’t see the hot weather outside, and that is in the evening.

Home Assistant Ideas

The idea is at least, as shown in this chart, that you open and close when the temperature goes from inside to outside.

Mqtt Not Loaded

Since I don’t know anyone who likes to check the temperature, why not make a process for you?

I have seen many variations of this. For my family, the real value lies in the snake memories after the cycle ends. No one likes smelly clothes left in the car for a long time. Yes, it’s bad. And at six years old, my washing machine is too old to have any smart home technology. So, here is the process of “modernization”.

I did this automation a little differently. I can keep all the threads in node-red, I want to separate the machine

Use push notifications to send reminders until the door opens. Here is how these states are displayed in the Home Assistant (History):

Installing Home Assistant On Asustor 5304t

This approach results in a simple Node-RED flow down, but it requires the logic to go further to properly control the states. This is done by creating a new sensor based on a model in the Home Assistant as follows:

I actually wrote about this topic earlier this year. This may be relevant again as we move into the fall. Hoping for smart heating? If you are interested.

If you’re not familiar, it’s a communication node used to communicate with other subthreads. In this case, I’m referring to the subthread that does most of my iOS notifications. If you have other code examples from my Node-RED repository on Github, this step should break the loop.

Home Assistant Ideas

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