Home Decor Kenya

Home Decor Kenya – Gone are the days when shopping in Nairobi was limited to crowded shopping malls, where shoppers ask themselves how much they want that little statue stuck in an endless exchange. The current sprinkling of independent, eclectic shops provides a platform for the country’s talented designers and artisans to sell items that represent and reflect the country’s creative energy.

Upepo Photography Gallery sells signed, limited edition prints by Kenyan and local photographers © Clementine Logan / Lonely Planet

Home Decor Kenya

Home Decor Kenya

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the bustling Hurlingham area is the Upepo Photography Gallery. This gallery represents professional photographers and shows only images from Kenya. The founder, the French journalist Cyril Villemain, wanted to give tourists the opportunity to buy a special photo to commemorate his wonderful trip to Kenya. All images are sold in limited editions of 50 prints, most signed by the photographer. Everything from printing to framing is done locally. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes and finishes and have their articles neatly packaged in a tube for the trip home. The gallery is housed in the View Trust Center for Visual Arts, which is well worth a walk around.

Wallpaper Peel And Stick Nairobi Kenya Self Adhesive Mural Removable Wall Sticker Large 3d Wallpaper Home Decor For Bedroom Living Room

The Wasp and Shoot is home to a nice cafe and lots of good trade and eco-friendly art, craft and furniture © Clementine Logan / Lonely Planet.

The popular Wasp and Sprout store began selling items made by single women who sewed on their own. Today it has grown into a team of local tailors, sculptors and artists. The store stocks fair trade and eco-friendly crafts, art and furniture to empower local designers through training and mentoring. Buyers will find contemporary prints, fabrics and other Afro-chic items to brighten their homes. The Wasp and Sprout Cafe downstairs also offers great coffee, fresh juices and tasty treats.

A peaceful place, Amani Ya Juu is ideal for children’s home © Clementine Logan / Lonely Planet

A small oasis of calm in the middle of bustling Nairobi, Amani ya Juu means ‘Supreme Peace’ in Swahili. This small social enterprise has a lot of heart and was founded with a commitment to peace and reconciliation for African women. The shop was opened in 1996 by just four refugee women who sewed together. Today it is a workshop, a cozy shop and a shady garden cafe. Customers are greeted with a loud ‘Jumbo!’ One can choose from friendly vendors and an impressive selection of fine trade, locally produced textiles, handbags, jewellery, clothing and home goods. What sets Amani Ya Ju apart is children’s clothing and toys, such as safari animal mobiles and lion puppets.

Meet Kenya Israelion

Colorful Maasai markets are located in different locations each day, but the locations repeat themselves week after week © Clementine Logan / Lonely Planet.

These are for thieves. The ever-popular Maasai market is a must for anyone looking to pick up traditional souvenirs such as glittering jewellery, hand-woven baskets, soap molds and wooden masks. Markets were started by Masai women who wanted to cut the middle men and sell directly to tourists. Although no longer exclusively used by the Maasai, these stalls are popular and rotate through several locations throughout the week: Tuesday, Prestige Plaza; Wednesday, Capital Center; China, Junction Mall; Friday, Village Market; Saturday, High Court car park; and Sunday, Yaya Center. The variety of items on sale is hard to beat, and customers can often interact with the artisans themselves, while the women weave horses and talk in the background.

Made in Kenya offers unique products from across the region, each with a story to tell © Clementine Logan / Lonely Planet

Home Decor Kenya

This stylish store is located in The Alchemist, one of Nairobi’s hottest creative spots. The Kenyan collection is curated by Made in One Hundred Years, whose mission is to sell contemporary, original design products from all over the world. As a result, Made in Kenya is a unique store that has some of the best hand-picked brands in the country, all local and made with lots of love. Indeed, shoppers can buy fancy dresses, shiny shoes and jewellery, or colorful notebooks, condiments and well-stocked toiletries like pineapple jam and chilli chutney – there’s even beard oil for hipsters. High-end grocery stores are different, but they won’t break the bank.

Homewares At Nkuku

A strong Karen community favorite, Marula Studios is a great choice for eco-conscious customers. Vibrant Studio has linked its boutique with the innovative flip flop recycling project, which sees its signature ‘Ocean Sole’ flip flops made from discarded shoes collected on Kenyan beaches. Customers can also visit the workshop where they are made. Marula Studios creates a point of nature, culture and eco-friendliness. Shoppers can pick up pottery, beaded bags and belts as well as soft clothes. It also includes handmade greeting cards and art made by artists from Kibera, the main part of the city. The stylish Marula Mercantile Cafe is a great place to stop for a snack afterwards.

The Spinners Web features woven items from nearly 400 different retailers in the community such as Ikea © Clementine Logan / Lonely Planet.

It is a professional and technical center in Ketisuru area of ​​Pani. Spinners Web was originally created to provide a showcase for Kenya’s many talented spinners and weavers. Today, it promotes itself as a ‘one-stop-shop’ where visitors can choose from around 400 vendors under one roof. This is the place for hand knits, woolen items, bold embroidered fabrics, carpets and curtains. The quality of the items on sale makes Spinners Web popular with visitors and locals alike. If the large selection is a bit much, customers can also take a break from the cafe below.

If you’re planning to visit Kenya, start with the top eight destinations, from safari parks and beaches to mountains and cities. Looking for a Kenyan hand decorated home? Lucidity Artisanals Shop is one of the best home decor stores in Kenya.

Interior Wall Decor(abstract)

In this section, we give you a sneak peek of what to expect and how to order it.

Lucidity Artisanals Shop is a Kenyan handmade home decor business based in Nairobi and established in May 2021.

Its ring diameter is 30 cm and about 50 – 60 cm if you include the edge of the rim.

Home Decor Kenya

If you want to impress your guests at your next lunch or dinner, try these raffia boho fringe placemats to decorate your dining table.

Mkeka Wa Mbao Now Available In Kenya

If you love earthenware, this sisal rope rug is one of our Kenyan home decor items to consider.

It has a diameter of 1.5 m and is one of our handmade decoration ideas for the bedroom. However, it is still ideal for a living room, study or entrance.

Additionally, read the tips on caring for and maintaining sisal rugs so you can enjoy them for a long time.

Consider this Mbuu Mbili wooden stool because a carved wooden stool is the best way to break the traditional look.

Vintage Kenya And Uganda Ostrich Travel Poster Old Railroad

The lion mirror has a ring diameter of 30 cm, adding fluff gives a total diameter of 50 – 60 cm.

We are located at 84 Murishu Road, off Forest Edge View Road (the same road that goes to Bomas of Kenya) after Galleria Mall Roundabout. We are open Monday to Friday 9:00-16:00.

All our carved wood stools are made from Jacaranda wood. Their length is 30 cm and the height is 50 cm.

Home Decor Kenya

We have a variety of products such as table decorations, wall art decor, sisal rugs, decorative wall mirrors and carved wooden stools.

African Africa Home Decor Handcrafted In Kenya Wood Fork And Spoon

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Manufactured and distributed exclusively in Belgium as BeauFloor and marketed as Mkeka wa Mbao™️ (trademarked) by Floor Decor Kenya, this product has really caught the attention of architects, property owners, school owners, hospitals, home owners and more.

It has a warm and comfortable space to walk in which is ideal for homeowners with children.

From 0.20 to 0.30 mm. Up to 5-7 years warranty with shape or strength under backing costs Sh1, 500/- per square meter or Sh140/- per square foot and is for good residential properties.

Vintage Map Of Kenya Old Kenya Map Kenyan Wall Art Kenyan

0.25 -0.35 mm textile underlay with 5-7 year warranty Sh 1650/- per sq m or Sh 153/- per sq ft Ideal for use in residential or mid street offices.

0.40 mm to 0.70 mm Blacktex and Massif Collection Sh 1, 800/- per square meter or Sh 168/- per square foot wear layer 10 years residential warranty and 5 years commercial warranty.

Mkeka wa mbao™️ When shopping for vinyl flooring, it can be hard to keep track of all the terms! A frequently asked question is, Mkeka wa mbao ™️ What is the wear layer of vinyl flooring?

Home Decor Kenya

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