Shipping Container Home Ideas

Shipping Container Home Ideas – They call it the Can House – a compact family home built inside a “can” or shipping container with thermal plywood, smart storage and smart ideas.

At first glance, the ferry home across the harbor from Wellington looks like it’s made of Lego. But it’s almost a combination of solid materials and eco-friendly features. Below, two 6-meter containers are the workspaces of Kimberly Andrews and James Innes, who run Tumbleweed Tees, a digital printing company that donates a portion of its profits to conservation projects. But then the top – and daughter Nova – calls home. The 21 square meter “container” sounds bigger than a large trailer, but where is the bed? The dining room table? cracks?

Shipping Container Home Ideas

Shipping Container Home Ideas

Kimberly pulled the double bed from the upstairs living room, and then there were tall rugs on either side of the bed (which doubled as sitters), where the couple kept their clothes. Quickly, the living/dining area became a bedroom. But where do they eat? Kimberly pulled the folding table behind the kitchen cabinet. In the small bathroom, a baby changing table is placed on the wall. All of this is a work of genius.

Gorgeous Shipping Container Tiny Houses

“It was really fun learning how to use this small space with all these limitations,” Kimberly said. “We call it the Can House, because it’s a metal container or ‘can’ – a quote from TV show The Wire.” It is also a good explanation of how to end this artificial family.

On a trip to Canada, Kimberly and James were encouraged by a friend to convert an Airstream trailer into a home. When Kimberly’s parents returned to Wellington, he allowed them to move two containers to work on their property.

Later, it was agreed that the two of them would build their own small house, a floating one on top of the container, connected to the office by an outside staircase. Kimberly and James love the fact that tiny houses save time and money, and they take up less space.

“It was really hard,” Kimberly said.

Minnesota Couple Turn Shipping Containers Into Stylish Cabins, Saunas, Treehouses And More

The pair created a series of intricate paintings. “Then we have a designer who has great ideas about how to use the space wisely,” says Kimberly.

The construction took eight months. First, the tank section is cut to fit the building code. It is then raised to fit the area. James and Kimberly installed all the cabinets themselves after a CNC (computer controlled) carpenter cut the plywood pieces. James said: “We sanded and prepared all the parts and put them together. “It’s like using an IKEA package.”

The couple chose something special for their porch. Patterns of ginkgo leaves and animals are carved on the roof tiles before being sanded and plastered with lime. Each animal on the roof is either from the country they live in (three) or to their favorite animal (five).

Shipping Container Home Ideas

“I’m a very claustrophobic person and I’m not claustrophobic in this house,” Kimberly said. “I feel like it’s a good place, it’s a good living room, a good bedroom, a good kitchen, but not all things at the same time because things are broken and hidden. Also, it’s easy to clean. It’s a regular habit to clean. clean, even.

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They also go to public places. “The library, shops, children’s groups and coffee shops are nearby,” says James. Also, the beach is across the street. Not a bad setup.

Is it true that having children makes the house smaller? “Actually, no,” said Kimberly. Now, neither Kimberly nor James worked on the floor while the others looked at Nova. After sleeping, the two would work on the floor and listen for ticks.

With limited space, they carefully selected a number of valuable items to display, including a bronze sculpture of Nova’s feet, a Miniatures painting depicting insects and plants from Borneo, and photographs by renowned photographer and illustrator Quentin Black. It’s Kimberly’s little hero, who has written and illustrated children’s books including the award-winning Puffin Architect.

You might think couples wouldn’t be happy here – but you’d be wrong. “On my birthday, we had 17 people here: five on the little sofa, three or four on each chair, then a few standing in the kitchen. Then we went to eat.” When people see a place for the first time, are they surprised? “Yes,” said James. “Not only is it a small space, but it’s how we use it, throw things in and out or get rid of them.”

How Shipping Containers Will Become A Gorgeous Forever Home In Malibu

“We could be here for 5 or 10 years,” said Kimberly. “I don’t think we’re going to sell it. There’s a lot in us.” James laughed. “I want to make a list one day – just put it somewhere.” Kimberly said that Nova must have lived with them as a first home when she was a teenager.

James says many people balk at the idea of ​​a tiny house. “Some people have the feeling that they should be in quarantine. But it’s good for us.” Due to the popularity and convenience of pre-fab homes, more and more people are now turning to pre-fab homes. These new buildings are practical because they save time and are easy to use despite the weather conditions. They are very good and very responsive to fit your space or location. Therefore, from small houses to apartments, modular shipping containers are becoming popular. That’s why we’ve collected the best ideas for a home delivery service that caught our attention.

Container homes are not just urban settlements. They are happy even in the countryside. But the beauty problem with standard buildings is that they look the same and repetitive. But with a lot of attention, you can change your place with the best ideas for a shipping house. So, here is an inspiring design that transforms a plain prefab into a beautiful one.

Shipping Container Home Ideas

The good thing about warehouses is that they cater to different budgets. So whether your budget can afford to buy this small or large house, you will have a good choice. And to make it look good, it won’t take a water color shirt. A careful selection of color combinations can create a great home delivery container. Here’s a great look at a traditional house made of natural wood and a dark blue exterior.

Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

There are a variety of excellent shipping container home ideas for your reference. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating and custom homes are flexible in your style. That way, whatever style you have in mind, you won’t have any trouble pulling it off. We love the simplicity of this Art Deco home sitting on a charcoal black rug. It is like dirt among the beautiful green of its surrounding yard.

Container homes are popular because they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Buildings and constructions are low waste products. In addition to durability, it is easy to take. Its simple construction makes it a great starting point for home projects. Check out this wooden house with a roof and a spiral staircase. It is a refreshing and fun way to live in harmony with nature.

A modern combination of shipping containers completes this industrial inspired home. It has a sleek modern look that also has a rustic and rugged charm. Privacy doors with arched doors are incredibly attractive in addition to their functionality. The combination of colors makes this pile of steel a very high-quality building that is competitive in the market.

Treehouses are an escape and dream not just for children. But who needs a tree house when you can put your house on trees and still be connected to the trees? This hanging house in Brazil is one of the best ideas with buckets that we can confirm. It has metal floor pillars and supports. The best thing about it is its terrace which extends to tree branches which is really good for nature lovers.

Shipping Container Homes That Will Change How You Think About Home Design

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