9 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

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Here is an alphabetical list of the 99 best birthday party themes for kids. I’ve put together a quick shopping guide and a list of my favorite party supply stores.

9 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

9 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

Quick tip: If you’re looking for adult party themes, check out my post 390 Party Theme Ideas for Adult Parties.

Year Old Slumber Party Ideas

Throwing a wonderful and memorable birthday party for your child is a big project. Deciding on a great party theme is a good starting point for party planning.

Use this list to make it easier to decide on a topic. Once you have a theme, you can decide where to host the party and come up with fun and great games for the kids.

Tip: Make a list of theme ideas from the A-Z list and then give your child two choices; That way, you can stay in control!

Wondering where to find party supplies for a theme? Scroll down to the bottom of the list for my quick buying guide to see a selection of the best items on the list. I’ve also compiled a list of my favorite children’s party supply stores.

Best Birthday Cake Recipes

I hope some of these topics will spark your imagination and help you plan the best party for your child.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you’ll need party supplies to complement your theme. I know from experience that it takes forever to find supplies with great themes.

So, I thought I’d start you off by listing some of my favorites for the above topics.

9 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

I hope you find the links useful. I tried to choose from different styles and party supply stores.

Budget Friendly Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

You can download my free party planner list for kids and add the information below to the notes.

So I’ve put together a great shopping list of favorite kids party themes to help you get started. We’ll expand it over time until it’s a huge list covering all 99 kids party ideas on the list.

Please share any important information you find in the comments below and I will look into them and add them.

These Alice in Wonderland paper tablecloths are beautiful, and these are great Alice in Wonderland party pieces, and there are some Alice in Wonderland party pieces on Etsy.

Disco Theme Party Ideas That Will Take You Back In Time

There’s a giant Avengers piñata from Party Pieces and you can find a variety of Avengers party supplies from So Party Supplies on Etsy.

There’s a cute airplane-inspired birthday banner on Etsy, some airplane-printed balloons and paper airplane coasters, and this airplane-themed gallery from Ginger Ray is just as fun.

There are so many cute party favors to choose from from Super Sweet Party, if you want a little DIY, grab this bunny ear pattern so you can make bunny ears for all your guests. I don’t know what to think of this adorable bunny head piñata from Hopscotch!! So I guess you should go ahead with your bunny’s birthday party. They also have a selection of other bunny party items that are worth checking out.

9 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

This beach birthday party arrangement is simply beautiful. You can buy these beach ball party posters from Party Safe Smile. And these beach chairs will look great in the house.

Trolls Birthday Party Ideas

I encourage you to head straight to Craft and Crumb on NotOnTheHighStreet if you want to make life easier planning a cooking party for the kids. Kraft & Crumb has a variety of delicious and tempting baking boxes, including everything from pizza cookie boxes and cupcake boxes to dinosaur cookies and storyboards. Of course, take a look, you can’t resist!

First, you need a bubble machine, this Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine is rated as the best bubble machine for unpopable bubbles on Amazon. You can also find a good foam craft kit that will go well with the party guests. Clear balloons filled with confetti make great, biodegradable party decorations from Parterma, the best way to buy balloons.

This Belt Slipper Pinata Kit from Party Delights is a real winner. I always get excited because the kids hit the piñata with no face!! Ballerina paper cups from Mary Mary add a beautiful touch. Mary Mary has some beautiful ballerina cups.

These are edible wafer board decorations. Awesome Party Pieces has a wonderful selection of butterfly inspired party supplies, from butterfly party favors to butterfly masks, paper plates and hanging decorations as well as buttons and pieces. Check out their butterfly party supplies and choose yours.

Daily Schedule • Ages 9 12

Get these cake party invitations on Amazon and Etsy has a variety of cake toppers, party bag fillers, party favors, and party favor labels.

Visit the Little Party Store for boho-inspired party decorations, including floral decorations. Party Pieces has a great selection of boho inspired party pieces.

The birthday cards on Zazzle can be personalized with the name of the birthday, as are the green and white gift boxes. These Cricket and Stamp Cupcake Toppers are so cute. NotOnTheHighStreet has a fantastic range of cricket party decorations including flags, pennants and place cards.

9 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

Hopscotch has some great party decorations among a selection of the best party decorations and supplies. And check out these traffic cone party hats from Party Delights, which make great party photos!

Super Fun Birthday Party Ideas For 11 Year Olds

I put together a post about the best party favors for kids birthday parties. As I mentioned in the post, the most important thing about the party is the work that the guests do to make their party worthwhile. A great little money and time saver!

These circus-themed party bags are pre-filled from the little things that really matter, the price will show, but if you want to go all out, give it a shot. Little ones buy a variety of party favors, circus gift boxes are great. Merry Merry has some beautiful circus posters.

Etsy has some great items for donut-themed parties, including donut trays, which will get the kids to check out the shelves. A small party store has a pinata donut – I think the problem is if it’s filled with too many donuts or it’s too bad. Amazon has a selection of donut piñatas. Amazon has plates, cups, napkins and stereos for donut-themed parties. And NotOnTheHighStreet has a great donut-themed craft kit that can double as a party favor.

Party Delights has party supplies like Encanto, from paper plates to patterned balloons. Party Pieces has Encanto inspired party pieces. Amazon has an Encanto party line that includes tables, placemats, cups, and more.

Micah’s 9th Birthday

Ginger Ray’s gaming outfit is great, it has everything from game consoles to flags and game consoles. Visit Ginger Ray’s website to view. I know you can buy gingerbread cookie holders on Amazon. There’s also a great game drive piñata at the little party store.

Now, this is definitely a theme for little kids, but it’s still fun. These Hawkins Middle School pencils will work well. These alien “friends don’t lie” inspired birthday cakes are so awesome! Parties include paper cups and Stranger Things plates. Stranger Things party supplies are available on Etsy.

This beautiful custom t-shirt painting kit will make your life easier! Here’s another idea to make a great birthday party favor that can double as a party favor.

9 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

These unicorn party favors are great for easily creating a theme, and NotOnTheHighStreet has some great unicorn party supplies.

Here’s How To Throw An Epic Harry Potter Birthday Party I Taste Of Home

Party Pieces Online is one of the most reliable party supplies. It has something really relevant – Google it!! It has the most beautiful range of party supplies for kids and adults parties.

Ginger Ray has a variety of party supplies and decorations for children’s birthday parties and other parties. They also have eco-friendly party clothes, which is always a good thing. If you have an Amazon account, you can find Ginger Ray on Amazon.

Mary Mary has party dresses for kids. Online stores also have clothes

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