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Home Ideas Uk

Home Ideas Uk

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Interior Design Ideas By Our Customers

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5 Single-Story Extension Ideas for Your Home (On a Budget) Single-story extension ideas can be hard to come by, so we’ve put together a list of our favorites. With over 5,000 projects under our belt, we know a thing or two about scaling!

When it comes to extending your home, a single-story extension is one of the most popular ways to accomplish this. They are often used to extend the main areas of your home, such as the living room or kitchen, and they can make a big difference to the look and feel of a space. And because they’re so popular, it’s easy to find unique ideas to expand the story!

Home Ideas Uk

We’ve already helped over 5,000 people build their homes through blueprints, financing, and contractor verification. This means that we have many single-story extension projects under our belt. Here are some of our favorite achievements to help inspire your own expansion plan.

The Comforts Of Home: Thrifty And Chic Decorating Ideas For Making The Most Of What You Have

For this ground floor extension, we have doubled down on the feeling of space, combining a new open plan living area with a new addition. To maximize the space created in this project, we knocked down the existing wall between the living room and the kitchen. To provide this room with light and air, our designers installed three separate skylights, as well as large double doors at the rear of the property. These doors not only offer a panoramic view over the garden, but also help to unite the interior and exterior spaces and give the illusion of a continuous space. This grand extension is large enough to accommodate the family’s full list of fixtures and fittings, including a six-seat dining table, kitchen island/breakfast bar, plus a comfortable L-shaped sofa. designers also found a place for a separate pantry, which we placed further away so the family wouldn’t be disturbed by noisy appliances.

How much will your extension cost? ? Answer a few quick questions about your project and we’ll give you a quote for your architectural drawings and planning application?

Why have a double door when there could be two? For this single-storey extension, our designers had to be smart about maximizing space and light, while maintaining a certain degree of privacy in this built-up area of ​​London. We position the windows so that they stand out from neighboring properties and ensure natural views of the surroundings of the house. We used a one-story extension to create an open plan between the kitchen, dining and living room. All lead to a covered patio. We installed two sets of double doors, the modest green space is expanded because the entire first floor is open and connected to these spaces. Connect introduced the owner to MyExtension Ltd, a successful dental construction contractor in the London area.

This maisonette features a cluttered layout, so the owners are looking to use the dead space on the garden walkway to open things up and make the property run even more compact. Using a single storey lateral extension, we managed to frame the rear of the property, giving us space to create a different twist on the modern open plan design. We used half walls to connect the kitchen and living areas, but still have their own separate spaces. It was perfect for a family with two young children who were often trying to juggle day-to-day tasks with child care. Rather than investing their budgets in flashy accessories, these savvy homeowners spend their money on timeless features. The first is a steel glass roof that spans the entire length and brings natural light to the entire rear of the property. The second is the London brick wall, which enhances the look of the house with its rough texture and character.

Tips To Maximize Your Home Decor

These owners wanted to maximize space while retaining the original charm of their Victorian property. For this, our designers imagined a wrap that used a part of the street area (in common features), but not all of it. We kept several L-shaped layouts for the garden, which allowed us to separate the green spaces into separate dining areas. We used the substantial glass and moldings on the large French style doors to create a beautiful view of the landscape whilst also adding some character to the extension. Inside we have an open plan kitchen with stylish modern appliances and windows to show off the owner’s green thumb.

These homeowners found that their small kitchen simply wasn’t enough, so they opted for a single-story rear extension to make the most of their home. Desiring a beautiful dining area and some practical additions, our designers were keen to extract as much as possible from this project. We started with the basics, getting a contemporary and stylish kitchen with plenty of space for a dining area right next to the double doors. Many people think that this type of door requires a lot of space, but as you can see, they can be placed in both large and small spaces. We also added two skylights, one over the kitchen stations and the other over the dining area, providing plenty of natural light in the two main spaces. What you might not see (and shouldn’t) is the hidden pantry and bathroom. They sit right on the edge of space and allow visitors to skip these obscure tasks.

We are registered with the Architects Registration Council and have received the Mayor’s Award for Good Quality of Work for Fair Conditions and Pay, Welfare, Skills, Development, Diversity and Recruitment. We are proud to employ professionals.

Home Ideas Uk

Finance Ltd is an appointed representative of Mortgage Advice Bureau Ltd and Mortgage Advice Bureau (Derby) Ltd and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FINANCE LIMITED. Registered Office: International House Canterbury Crescent, 4th Floor, London, England, SW9 7QE. UK Registration Number: 12327535 From creating a luxurious outdoor space to creating works of art, these 12 interior designers share their top tips for designing your living room.

Embracing Greige: The Perfect Blend Of Grey And Beige For Home Decor And Wall Paint

Learn how to use great chandeliers, colors and wallpapers, fabrics and upholstery to create a beautiful yet functional space. Whether you’re looking to add a bar or hanging seating, these designers show you how to liven up your living room and make the most of your space.

Start celebrating life with your most precious treasures and get ready to create the living room design of your dreams!

Rachel painted her house for a party…it was a rich cream color and last year when Rachel had a party with 1st Dibs, Farrow and Ball painted the house in Downpipe.

Lots of great tips from Henriette, but I think the most important thing is to have fun with her patio. I love this place designed by VSP Interiors, you can see how they used color and created a beautiful environment around it.

The Natural Cozy Cottage: 100 Styling Ideas To Create A Warm And Welcoming Home

My best idea in the room is to group all the artwork together to get attention. Think of a color story or similar framing style, and then whatever you need to create your picture wall.

I think every living room should have a fully stocked bar. While preparing drinks in the kitchen is fine, the history and drama created by mixing cocktails in front of guests – or better yet, encouraging them to pour themselves – is second to none.

For this living room in Belgravia, I converted an 18th-century French linen shop into a bar, replaced the shelves with glass and marble, mirrored the back panel, and added pendant lights.

Home Ideas Uk

A great way to design a living room, especially when time is limited in London, is to create a comfortable and luxurious open-plan space with an eclectic mix.

Transform Your Home And Garden With These 10 Must Try Ideas

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