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In Christchurch’s coastal suburb of Redcliffe, architect Don Roy of Web Architecture and interior designer Jeff Marin of Lum Design have teamed up to create this fully-furnished modern home overlooking the block.

Home Ideas Christchurch Photos

Home Ideas Christchurch Photos

Designed around the streetscape, the architecture of this three-bedroom house, with its asymmetrical roof, is inspired by the beach houses that line the beach road in Redcliffe, Christchurch. Don Roy said: “Inspired by historic coastal buildings and landscapes, the concrete garage building represents the cliffs that anchor the beach, lifting our house above the water and lifting the house into the water. ,” said architect Don Roy. buildings

Christchurch House / Case Ornsby Design Pty Ltd

Extending the home allows for views of the water and sunrise, while still meeting flood regulations. The design has a limited residential feel due to the height of the spaces, while the same clean lines and modern finishes are often seen in residential buildings.

Visible black on the inside in a repeating pattern. Jeff Marin, director of Lum Design, said: “This island is made of metal and has a decorative metal frame.” She explains that the design of the balustrade is further reflected in the privacy screen at the entrance, and the movement continues inside the home with metalwork such as the prominent black aluminum planter that creates a beautiful and comfortable al ‘ada in the powder room.

Other decorations and decorations are beach house style soft curtains, colorful wood and cool stone in the living area. In the bathroom, a sense of dramatic drama is created with floating cabinets and wall accessories, from powder-coated glossy powder to tile-like plates in the master bath and shower room. Walk-in closets are furnished with a similar sense of comfort, with Caesarstone vanity counters and plush carpet underfoot.

All the spaces flood the house with natural light that opens up to the water and the mountains, thanks to skylights and cleverly placed glass. The bamboo outside the living room window adds a splash of color, enhancing the diverse views available from this beautiful simple beach house while providing privacy. Bright blues and greens, bold artwork and thoughtful salvage fill this earthquake-ravaged Christchurch home with warmth and joie de vivre.

A Christchurch Renovation By The Home Maker And Urban Function Architecture

Interior designer Kiri Penfold, Scott Penfold, senior project manager, Innovo Project Management, Tenne, 20, Gabe, 18, and Milan, 14, and German Shepherd Theo.

When Kyrie and Scott Penfold sold their family business to invest, they didn’t know it would be 10 years before they owned a home. When the time came, the old Christchurch house I bought in the 2016 earthquake was damaged and incomplete, but a combination of hard work and smart buying turned it into a slice of Kiwi heaven.

“We bought the house for $300,000 and had a budget of $60,000,000 to renovate and renovate,” said Kyrie, a professional interior stylist. Considering the size of the house and the vintage of the house (it was built in 1900), it was always going to be difficult to renovate it. When the cost of rebuilding exceeded half of the already stretched budget, only the couple’s good character and absolute belief in their ability to do it kept them going.

Home Ideas Christchurch Photos

Kyrie takes credit for keeping a smart home. “Smart? Actually it is not like that. I’m just smart. If there is a way to do it myself, I do it. “

Interior Design Portfolio

The fruit bowl and egg stand (seen in the background) are DIY examples of penfolds, both made from glued glass containers.

In the kitchen, a glass-filled French-style sink displays a colorful display; When Kiri first saw him in the gift shop at the cafe, she was impressed.

Kyrie has a unique ability to reinterpret old wardrobes such as bedside tables and church windows that have found new life as stained glass.

The master bedroom is upstairs, which was added in the 1970s and is very hot in the summer, so the industrialist will be welcome.

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This second bedroom is a great place to watch TV or read. The Chinese coffee table is foldable and easy to store.

Kiri drew a circle with the paint given to her, mixed with a group of blacks. The table was made from the leg of the singer’s sewing table and a piece of marble he bought for $10.

The house was clad in faux stone and faux wood in 2008; Penfolds has no exchange plans yet.

Home Ideas Christchurch Photos

The parking lot has been repurposed as an outdoor dining area. Old bicycle nails covered with fake flowers create a beautiful effect that resembles an old-fashioned cigar. The metal table and chairs are from Lysight, Ashburton. After the Christchurch Earthquake, this homeowner was looking for something smart and repairable…so how did he end up here?

Sea Shore Lodge Mudeford, Christchurch

When the February 2011 earthquake hit Christchurch, Denise Renalson shared a two-story, art-decorated house with her partner. In the end, Dennis agreed to rent a smaller space, but when the relationship settled in October 2012, he planned to downsize and find a comfortable, single space that could benefit from renovation. But an interesting photo in a glossy magazine gave him second thoughts. “I saw this place being advertised and thought it was interesting,” he said.

The colonial-style house is a mile from his former residence, overlooking the banks of the River Heathcote and the park beyond. Denise was smitten from the moment she walked through the door. Because of the country’s TC3 rating (meaning it is at risk of damage during a major earthquake) and the risk of flooding within 100 years, he wanted to grant permission.

The slate roof, brick patio and large garden were also “off the charts”, but Denise was encouraged by her lawyer’s advice. “He advised me to buy the place I want without understanding the risk.” He decided to buy the house, even though it was different from the property he had imagined.

Over the past four years, Dennis has made some changes to the house and garden to reflect his interests and lifestyle. A gravel drive on the boundary line leads to the front entrance, but visitors can enter through the street entrance. A path leads from the private garden, over the wooden bridge over the fish pond and onto the sunny patio and terrace. The house forms an ‘L’ shape, and several French doors run along the inside of the ‘L’, connecting the beautiful interior walkway with the fenced patio.

Home Extension Ideas Archives

Since moving in, Dennis has replaced most of the window treatments and replaced the original carpet. Shades of gray and brown are best suited to the furniture and the black and white color of the room. The interior is painted in only two tones: white for all the equipment and ceiling, and a combination of half-, quarter- and full-strength Resene Nappa on the walls.

Denise admits that she is sometimes a creative interior designer and often leaves design decisions to the last minute. When the flooring contractors come to replace the carpet, he said, he might swap out the kitchen linoleum for tile. “They said the kitchen had to be tiled before the carpet, so I had a day to choose my tiles,” Dennis said. He was happy with the choice of tiles with black trim, but less than impressed with the color he chose for the walls. “I like the dark tone, and it has a hint of green. It’s still not good,” he said.

Outside, gardens and grounds are also laid out. Dennis planted a variety of shrubs and flowers to enhance the ‘formal garden’ theme, and a concrete block lined the patio. At one point, Dennis considered squaring the patio and the edges of the lawn, but decided to plant later. “I like curves.”

Home Ideas Christchurch Photos

Although the home did not meet the criteria on her original wish list, Dennis said she found a special home. “Sometimes it pays to go with your heart, not you. Before you move immediately: What have I done? I think. This is a good place to be.”

How The Kitchen Design Of This Small Christchurch Home Maximises Space

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the vintage of the house. Modern colonial architecture and painted brick

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