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Home Ideas Store Philippines – – This is a small concept house with a small shop inside. The house measures 3.00 x 5.5 meters and has a total floor area of ​​16 square meters. The tiny house idea is perfect for a small family or those who want to run a small shop or business at home. Getting a tiny house concept will definitely cost less than building a house with a shop. For more ideas, here are cheap small house designs with shop (16 square meters).

This tiny house concept has interesting construction details. Though simple, the choice of earthy colors on the walls and main door gives it its own freshness. Blend the house with the green space in the yard. The small land in front of the house can still be used as a small garden with various plants in fresh colors.

Home Ideas Store Philippines

Home Ideas Store Philippines

This small house is also equipped with a part of the house that was used as a sari-sari store or a small Filipino neighborhood store. The layout of the shop is directly outside the house and the area is surrounded by a strong wall. Shoppers can access the store through a small window that opens like a small counter when they want to buy something. The area also has outdoor seating for shoppers. Adjacent buildings

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This building has a minimalist design that is easy and cheap to build. The house has a symmetrical box shape. Light maximizes glass windows to illuminate a small home and promote good air circulation in the home. Floor plan

In an area of ​​16 square meters, you get a design and floor plan like this picture. The house has a master suite, 1 bedroom, living room and bedroom, kitchen and dining room and quarter bathroom. Access to the entrance is separate from the shop, through an entrance porch that leads directly to the living room. interior design

This is the picture you get after going through the entrance. You will also get living and sleeping space. The design of this area uses the concept of a bunk bed, where the upper bed is used as a bed, and the lower part is used as a living room with a sofa, coffee table and wall-mounted TV.

It is appropriate that the kitchen and dining room are small in size. To do this, use a wall kitchen layout that is large enough to accommodate the sink and cooking area in the row of boards. Using flat furniture helps to make the space look bigger. The presence of a window also helps in keeping the room warm and cozy during the cooking process. Quarter bathroom design

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Bathroom design is simple. With a mix of 3 colors on the walls and floor, this small bathroom looks more vibrant. Only basic furniture is placed, such as a small shower, a toilet, a small bucket of water and a shelf in a corner to store toiletries. Courage to the store

The shop can be entered from the house itself. The design is as follows. The shop area is built without doors, which directly connects it to other areas. The rest of the store is surrounded by solid walls that make other areas feel private.

The design of the store can suit your taste and needs. You can paint it orange. Use floating shelves to neatly organize and store goods.

Home Ideas Store Philippines

I hope that small budget house design with shop (16 m2) is useful for those who are looking for ideas and inspiration about small house design and ideas. We hope that it will be easy for you to realize your dream home. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

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A collection of minimalist home designs and floor plans from simple to modern minimalist homes. Besides, there are many tips and tricks for decorating the house in different themes. Our featured topic is inspiration for home design and layout, living room, bedroom, family room, bathroom, home prayer room, home terrace and kids bedroom. This article requires additional citations for verification. Help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Inappropriate content may be appealed and removed. Find Source: “Good-Good Store” – JSTOR (March 2019) (Learn how and how to remove this sample message)

There is a concert store in the Philippines. The word sari-sari is Tagalog and means “separate” or “sin”. Such stores hold an important economic and social place in Filipino society and can be found in every neighborhood and street. Sari-Sari TD stores are family owned and privately owned

Operates within the seller’s residence. The products are displayed in a large window at the front of the store.

In the back of the shop, recycled candies, preserves and cigarettes are displayed while cooking with butter, salt and sugar. Prepaid cell phone credit is offered.

File:2296calasiao Dagupan, Pangasinan Roads Barangays 13.jpg

According to the Magna Farhang Foundation, convenience store chains account for about 70 percent of consumer food sales across the country, making them a valuable part of the economy and an important means of producing vital products. Available for Philippine neighbors. General stores are a mainstay of the national economy. About 800,000 convenience stores account for a large portion of the country’s domestic retail market and GDP. 13 percent of the Philippines’ GDP or Php 1.3 trillion, up from Php 9.7 trillion in 2011, comes from retail trade, mainly from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) or small businesses such as convenience stores.

Often, sari-sari store owners charge an average 10% markup, compared to an average price of 20% for 24/7 convenience store options like 7-11, so most Filipinos shop at sari-sari stores if possible. . Sari-sari stores have higher prices than supermarkets, but they are very accommodating to their customers.

A one-stop shop provides easy access to basic goods at low prices. Without them, villagers have to go to the nearest market town, which may be quite far from the village itself.

Home Ideas Store Philippines

In the Philippines, following the concept of tingi or retail, a consumer can buy a product instead of a complete package. For example, one can buy (5) cigarettes for five pesos ($0.10), not a pack. This is acceptable for those who cannot buy the whole package or do not need much, even if it is more comprehensive.

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Convenience stores also save the customer from paying additional transportation costs, especially in rural areas, as some cities may be too far from the nearest market or grocery store. May also allow purchases on store credit.

Shops in villages act as shopping centers. Farmers and fishermen can trade their produce directly to the sari-sari shop in exchange for basic goods, fuel and other materials.

Owners can buy groceries in bulk and sell them at a higher price in the store. Trucks deliver LPG and alcoholic beverages directly to stores. The cost of the store is low because the products are cheap and it requires only a few changes to make it a one-stop shop on one side of the house. A sari-sari shop also allows credit purchases from its “Sukis” (repeat customers known as shop owners). They usually record their customers’ outstanding balances in the school book and demand payment on paydays.

The lifespan of sari-sari shops varies greatly, and many of them close after a few weeks due to mismanagement by owners with insufficient income or limited formal education.

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Sari-Sari Night Market, Quezon City. Most of these stores serve as gathering and social gathering places for many Filipinos.

The Magna Cultura Foundation points out that sari-sari shops are part of Filipino culture and have become an integral part of all Filipino lives. It is a persistent feature of residential areas in the Philippines, both rural and urban, prevalent among the poorest communities. About ninety percent (93%) of all convenience stores nationwide are located in residential areas. Convenience stores (variety or general) are a part of the daily life of the average Filipino. All the household items missing from your kitchen – from sugar, coffee and cooking sweets to other essentials like soap or shampoo – can be bought in cheap quantities at your nearest sari-sari store. Available to general citizens. A sari-sari shop provides spaces where people meet. Shop fronts are usually occupied by locals

Home Ideas Store Philippines

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