Home Decoration Ideas Handmade

Home Decoration Ideas Handmade – It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, not in a living room or in a big mansion – everyone has a sad bare wall, but there is fresh air asking for decoration. Sometimes it seems difficult to find a solution to do this. Blank walls, big or small, are like a blank canvas and can be decorated in many ways. Using DIY home decor ideas can enhance the style space of any space. And now that we’re safely home, it’s the perfect time to decorate that bare wall!

Here are some DIY ideas from ThatYellowTrunk’s Anjari Ganguly to give any blank wall a quick makeover and liven up the space.

Home Decoration Ideas Handmade

Home Decoration Ideas Handmade

As a professional architect, I have always believed in Einstein’s words “creation is wisdom for fun”, so “design” for me is like a fun puzzle that I keep trying until it is solved to my liking.

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My decorating style is in harmony with the use of colors, patterns and greens in the house. I believe in reusing and remodeling home decor. I like to use environmentally friendly materials like clay and bamboo in my decoration. Also, I believe that a small budget and a little effort can create a smart corner in your home.

I really like to process and I always try to make decorative items from old items from the market. My passion for all things creative led me to start my ‘That Yellow Trunk by Anjari’ Instagram page and create content around home decor. Today, “That Yellow Self” is a community of over 60,000 people and is featured in many leading publications.

If there’s anything that can make us laugh, it’s an old photo. So why not create a wall of memories? Hanging artwork in a variety of sizes and colors is an easy way to decorate a wall. People are always drawn to well-designed gallery walls because each frame represents something interesting. Gallery walls can have family photo frames, themed posters, or something as inexpensive as gift wrap. Whatever the design, just make sure you create the gallery at eye level. There are no rules about how big or small a gallery wall should be. If you have a large/tall wall, just fill it with framed artwork and voila! You have one of the most impressive walls in the world of decoration.

Tip: Always use reusable frames of different sizes. This will allow you to change the artwork from time to time.

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Do you want to give wings to your creative side? Don’t be afraid to experiment and make a painting with a sharpie pen or basic acrylic paint available at any store. Murals add a lot of personality to a place and are also the most beautiful project. And when it comes to handmade home decor ideas, there’s nothing easier than painting a beautiful wall.

Hint: Are you afraid of destroying the wall? Start your artistic journey with a small section of wall away from your main space.

Another easy home decorating option for bare walls is to add shelves. Open shelving for books, plants or even colorful objects has become a trend that never ends. Placing the table under the shelf makes the whole wall fit nicely.

Home Decoration Ideas Handmade

Makeup trends are back! The idea of ​​painting two walls in one color is a very popular trend. If you’re looking for craft ideas for home decor, put on your painting gloves and paint that blank wall! The trick is to choose two colors with different contrasts. Or just choose a bright color for the bottom and leave the rest of the wall white.

Diy Home Decor Ideas

This is our favorite! When it comes to DIY crafts for home decor, quirky gallery walls are a definite winner! Remove all random objects that can be placed on the wall from the hidden corners of your home. It can be anything like baskets, flat baskets, decorative frames, cardboard, fabric, etc. Make a neat arrangement of all the mismatched objects and hang them on the wall. Placing a wire mesh and filling it with Polaroid photos adds a lot of character to your room and creates a perfect selfie. Defective!

Tip: Another easy way to create whimsical wall art is to use embroidery fabrics to stretch colorful fabric frames. Simple and beautiful!

Who says you have to be an artist to paint a canvas?! Painting your canvas and displaying your art in your living space is a fulfilling activity, just like gardening. Please provide some space to hang your creation. The best way to start the process of creating your own artwork is to look for inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and try cheap acrylic paints.

Tip: Start creating canvas art. Canvas is cheaper than canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

Diy Home Decor Ideas By An Army Wife That Are Sure To Add Style To Your Home

Now you can’t go out, why not go out? Plants are one of the most affordable ways to create an impression in a space. They add natural charm to any room while purifying the air around you. Also, plants are among the easiest DIY ideas for home decor. Choose indoor plants of different heights and group them in front of a blank wall. Colorful pots and plants can brighten up more space.

Tip: Add a light source that focuses on the group of plants. The shadows of the leaves fall on the bare walls, adding wonder to the space.

Blank wall design doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult! The above DIY ideas for home decoration crafts are so simple that even the most unsuspecting can try! Stay safe at home and keep decorating your place!

Home Decoration Ideas Handmade

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Best Diy Wall Decor Ideas In 2022

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The collection of spoons makes a point of pride in the kitchen when placed on a baking tray. For a more special look, cover it with a shaded pattern.

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Unexpected Handmade Wall Decor

Preparation: Mix, cut

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