2 Bedroom Home Ideas

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Looking at 3D floor plans created by professional designers and analyzed is not a thought that often comes to mind when trying to find the best layout and design for your home. However, this can be very helpful. You can get a lot of inspiration from these pictures and come up with a perfect arrangement that works for you.

2 Bedroom Home Ideas

2 Bedroom Home Ideas

A three-bedroom house offers many options in terms of layout. One option, for example, is to separate bedrooms and social areas. The result will be a clear layout with three rooms on one side and shared spaces on the other.

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The L-shaped layout provides more privacy for the bedrooms and separates them from the public areas. It also ensures ample and spacious living space, even sharing an open-plan kitchen and dining area.

Another option is to sacrifice one of the bedrooms and turn it into a home office. It is a useful idea for those who do not need a third bedroom and can do well with two. It is usually the smallest bedroom that changes the function.

Since this is a three bedroom house we are talking about, we can safely assume that one of the bedrooms is for the children. An arrangement where parents and children can enjoy their freedom and privacy with separate bedrooms.

In this arrangement, the three bedrooms have their own corner. However, this leaves space in the middle of the house and does not provide much privacy and tranquility for the bedrooms.

Inspiring Modern Bedroom Ideas

If you only have two bedrooms to worry about, in theory it should be easy. However, there are many different options to consider. Placing the two bedrooms at opposite ends means that one bedroom can be a master bedroom and the second can be a living room or a children’s room and both can be happy.

If the two bedrooms are placed directly next to each other, they can occupy the back part of the house from all the noise from the kitchen and the dining room, although the living room will have the same wall and one of the bedrooms.

With such an arrangement, the bedrooms are attached to one side, most of the public living in the middle and the bathroom and balcony or terrace on both sides of the public area. It’s a great arrangement for families who like to spend time together before retiring to their own rooms.

2 Bedroom Home Ideas

Here is a clever look at all the different areas in a two bedroom house. The living space is in the middle with the kitchen, the bedrooms are placed on either side and the bathroom sits in a corner. .

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If we talk about a house, a large veranda can be better. It goes around the living room and one of the bedrooms, so that the bathroom and the small bedroom can share a special area. Suitable for small families or couples.

A small house is easy to maintain and affordable. This makes it a popular choice in India, especially in highly urbanized areas.

There are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to these designs. In India, it is common to see 2 BHK houses instead of 3 or 4 BHK.

Although it needs some space, there are countless options for 2 BHK houses for you to choose from.

Bedroom Apartment Design

The two-bedroom house consists of two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen and a different number of bathrooms. Sometimes it is not common to see other rooms in a 2BHK house being used as a den or den.

It can be quite small or open based on the owner’s budget and needs. However, a good single storey 2BHK house should start from 900 square meters for a house.

Designed for 30X72 feet size, this 2 BHK house offers lawn and garden space on both sides of the house. The living room and bedroom have a view to the outside. The backyard can be accessed by a long driveway on one side of the house.

2 Bedroom Home Ideas

According to Vastu, the countryside is good for a plot facing east and north facing the door. The kitchen is placed in the northeast and the bedroom in the southwest of the house.

Incredible Modern Design Ideas Of House Plans With 3 Bedrooms

This 2 BHK house plan is designed for a size of 36X47 feet. The front room is suitable for a garden or a living area.

It can also fit one car for parking. The living room is quite spacious. However, the kitchen and dining room are closed.

The floor of the house is suitable for a plot in the east, with the entrance from one side.

According to Vastu, the kitchen will face southeast and the living room will face northeast.

Stylish Bedroom Ideas

Designed for a plot size of 30X50 feet, this spacious 2 BHK house offers space for a spacious living room and a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. The only drawback was the lack of food.

This floor plan is perfect for a west facing property. The living room is placed in the northwest, so that there is enough light in the evening.

Built for 30 x 45 feet size, this 2 BHK house offers spacious open spaces. The living room, dining room and kitchen are placed without barriers, making it a spacious open space.

2 Bedroom Home Ideas

There is a large bedroom with dressing room and an adjoining bathroom. There is parking for one car at the main entrance.

Bedroom Detached House

This floor plan is ideal for an east facing property. The kitchen is located in the southeast corner.

Designed for 30X40 feet in size, this house offers a wide open space for living and dining areas. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom. Another laundry room is located in the corner of the house, which can be accessed by users and guests.

According to Vastu, this plan should be followed for a piece of land in the east. The entrance to the house is from the north. The bedrooms are on the southeast side and the living room is on the northwest side of the house.

Planned on a small plot of 30X 30 feet, this 2 BHK floor plan ticks all the boxes for a home. The main door leads directly to the living room and dining room. To increase the space, there is no fence between the living room and the dining room. However, the kitchen is divided.

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The floor plan is ideal for a north facing property. For example, the kitchen is well located in the southeast and the master bedroom in the southwest. The two beds face west.

This house plan is designed for a large size of 25X45 feet. This 2 BHK layout has a spacious living room followed by an open plan kitchen and dining area separated by a screen. Both bedrooms have an adjoining toilet. The house can park one car.

The plan is well thought out for a piece of land in the north. An entry from the north is considered good according to Vastu. The master bedroom is now placed in the northwest, which is perfect for newlyweds. In addition, the living room is placed in the northeast. The two beds are placed on the west side.

2 Bedroom Home Ideas

This 2 BHK house plan is designed for a size of 24X57 feet. All rooms are spacious. The house has two main entrances, each house has a parking space. In addition to two bedrooms, there is one study and one bed.

Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

The living area, dining room and kitchen are all open, making the house look more spacious. According to Vastu, this rural area is good for an east facing property. The kitchen and the master bedroom are placed in the southeast and southwest.

This 2 BHK flat has parking space for two cars. The main entrance leads from the car park and leads into a small terrace leading to the living room. The living and dining rooms provide a very spacious area. Since the staircase is inside, it can be used to access the terrace, or for future expansion.

The floor plan is suitable for an east facing property. This allows entry from the north. The kitchen is placed in the southeast corner and the staircase is in the south. The living room is well located in the northeast

This 2 BHK duplex house is perfect for a small plot of only 25 x 30 feet. It separates the public from the private

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