3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas – My daughter is into dinosaurs, so choosing a theme party for her third birthday wasn’t difficult. I want to share with you the ultimate guide to a successful teen birthday party at home.

Winter birthdays are hard to manage. The weather is not good and you can’t have a party in your backyard. So I like to have semi-annual birthday parties for my kids in the middle of summer. Give me a reason haha

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

In winter, you have several options – to rent a place or celebrate the child’s birthday at home. I always prefer the latter because I have more fun at home. You may not agree that hosting at home is a lot of work, but it’s fun, and I’m here to share my ultimate guide to a successful dinosaur birthday party for a 3-year-old at home. I am present. The so-called “3-REX” party.

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First, let’s talk about the decoration. In a blog post last year about my 2-year-old’s indoor birthday party, I mentioned that a 2-year-old doesn’t really appreciate it, so don’t worry about the decorations.

Well, when kids are 3, it’s a whole different animal. Sasha is so excited about decorating and can’t wait to show off her mom’s amazing DIY skills 🙂 It makes me so happy.

I chose dinosaur ornaments that are easy to make. I had two main focuses – the oven with the dino floor and the food and cake table for the kids.

1. Choose a focal point to decorate and add a toy dinosaur to your space. There are many dinosaurs around us. I also bought an amazing Dino bag from Facebook Market. Watch it all the time and I’m sure they’re the ones who want to escape the dinosaur army because the kids are raising them. You can find many wonderful toys and give them a second life instead of buying them. As a result, you save money and save the planet.

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2. Choose 3-4 colors and stick to them and their shades. I chose green, brown, yellow and pink with the flower. I felt that we should add some color to the ends of the land. Overall, we stuck to the ends of the earth, so everything came together.

3. The fireplace became my art display and I decorated it with a different theme each month. (For a fall theme, check out what I did for Halloween and a natural Christmas here)

A dinosaur birthday party sounds like a great theme to get creative with. I think it was just amazing!!!

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

I used faux moss from AliExpress, lots of tall vases and greenery to assemble this dinosaur land. The idea was to create a very green, brown substance that dinosaurs could live on. Sasha found this wonderful set of 4 jumbo dinosaurs and I was very impressed with the quality and attention to detail.

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It is made from recycled brown bags. This is a very simple but useful project. I absolutely love the way it turned out!

If you’d like to make a similar wreath, I’ve created a PDF with dinosaur images for you to download.

Another idea to use small dinosaur pictures is to make cupcakes. I think it looks really cute.

4. The second focal point was the children’s table, where we ate cake and decorated the wall with super simple handmade birthday decorations.

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Here’s how we made the tissue flower, tissue pom pom, yarn wreath and 3-rex sign.

Since the party is at home and you don’t have much space to accommodate everyone, keep the number of guests to a minimum.

There is a saying that a child should have as many guests as there are 2. We had Sasha in the third year and the correct number would be 5 guests. We had 6 children and 11 adults.

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

I wanted to invite Sasha’s whole class, but I decided to have half a birthday party in the summer, I could spend it all in the yard and make my life easier.

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Hosting a child’s birthday party at home can be as easy as you want it to be. My biggest secret is to prepare as much as you can the day before. If you’re making everything from scratch, that includes the food.

The key to a successful backyard party is organization. We did everything just mentioned and I had time to go to the gym before the 12 o’clock party.

I make everything from scratch because I love the challenge, just kidding, D feels so warm about home cooking and I want people to feel that way when they come to my house. It must be the Russian in me 😀

I had a table for children and a table for adults. Let me show you what I do to motivate you.

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My main advice here is to not go too crazy with sweets for kids. Too much sugar causes irritation. Anger is no fun.

Banana Spinach Muffins were a hit at the kid’s table. They are very tasty and all the parents were very happy that their kids are not only eating junk but also getting healthy spinach. It reduces diabetic overload. Win – Win!

I also made dino-shaped almond butter jello sandwiches. We use these fun cookies to make dinosaur shapes.

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

And of course, a birthday party wouldn’t be complete without my famous honey cake. It has become a tradition to make this cake for my daughter’s birthday. Last year was so successful, my friends asked me to celebrate my kids birthday too😄

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To decorate the cake, I put a dinosaur on top and it worked. The children were very happy.

In my book, even if it’s a kid’s party, it needs grown-up food. You don’t want adults chasing their kids around on empty stomachs. I also feel that adults deserve more entertainment than children.

As my friends know, no one can get enough of my party. I love to cook and feed my guests. To keep the cooking process simple, I usually choose one main dish (preferably self-cooking), one vegetarian dish, a few snacks and a cheese board.

I wish I had a picture of the table, but I forgot, so I’ll just list what I did here.

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As expected, not a single person was hungry and everyone loved the party!! LOL, I’m sure the food has a lot to do with it. D

I’m sure parents and kids alike don’t need any extra dirt or plastic as they fill up so many goodie bags. Or candy, for the same purpose. Kids get full on sugar before the holidays and poor parents don’t have to deal with candy in the car on the way home.

Instead, you can find some art supplies or craft projects. Something for the kids to play and enjoy. When you’re done, you’ll have a great deal of progress to make, and you can let your kids be for an hour and throw it in the trash, confident that you’ve accomplished a goal. is given

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

I ordered party favors from Eastern Trading. This was my first time shopping from them and I am very happy as they have a wide range of products and the price point is right for the event.

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I love you so much that I decided to give you 70% off any dinosaur print from my Etsy shop.

It was only $2.77 so I got a cute dinosaur welcome sign from Eastern Trading 😄

I only spent about $30 on goody bags for 8 kids and still had some left over for my son.

“If the kids are having fun, leave them alone.” A large installation is essential for adults to enjoy as well.

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I am not a preschool teacher and I am not good at organizing entertainment for children. I love that kids find their own activities.

We didn’t do any of these because the kids were too busy at the “stations”. And everyone knows the golden rule: “If the kids are having fun, leave them alone.” With a good setup, the adults can enjoy your entertainment while the kids can have a blast of their own.

I think that covers most of it. The party was an amazing success and I can’t wait to throw the next one! Thinking of throwing a mermaid birthday party for your little one? Here are mermaid birthday party ideas, activities, decorations and party favors to get you started on your planning. Our youngest daughter did this theme for her third birthday this year (and I loved doing it too!).

3 Year Old Party At Home Ideas

When Miss 3 announced she wanted to have a mermaid birthday party earlier this year, I have to admit I was pretty excited about the idea of ​​all the decorations.

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