6 Month Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

6 Month Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home – A favorite piece for a 6 month birthday or special occasion! It consists of a Japanese chiffon cake filled with slices of fresh strawberries and a not-so-sweet whipped cream made with gelatin.

A little while ago we celebrated Bibi’s 6th birthday with a half birthday party made by yours truly. back to the birthday photos and I’m thankful that at the same time he was surrounded by mom and dad and his extended family who were there to celebrate his birthday just because we love him. And if not, at least we all enjoyed the cake!

6 Month Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

6 Month Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

The discovery of this “unfinished cake” half birthday came from Pinterest when I was looking for ideas for a 6 month birthday. I’m not sure who started this trend, so I don’t know who to thank for this great idea of ​​using half a cake to represent a child’s half year.

Half Birthday Chalkboard 6 Month Chalkboard Digital

The cake base and frosting are exactly the same as I used in my famous Japanese Strawberry Cake Roll, but this time I baked the cake in clay instead of jelly. Refrigerate the frozen butter and gelatin, making it firm enough to form a rosette.

I toyed with the idea of ​​making a brownie or buttercream because they looked good, but I knew this cake was a family favorite; I didn’t want to miss out on enjoying Bibi’s cake for the perfect photo. This cake does not contain any artificial flavors or fancy decorations. Fresh strawberries cut in half actually looked like little hearts. The cake was sweet but still delicious. No sugar or fancy colors here – it’s like a cake you want to bite into.

To finish off the half cake look, I wanted the top of the cake to say “half”. But apparently it’s hard to find here in Canada and I haven’t had time to wait for it to be shipped to the US. I decided to do it myself. I found the right font to make the ‘middle’ template which I cut out and traced onto a dark (of course) thick card stock. After that, I used scissors to cut out the outline and attached it to the tall cabinet with glue. To save you time making these models from scratch, I’ve given you a bunch I made. You can download it from the subscription area only after signing up for our email newsletter.

Earlier in Bibi’s life, we encountered unexpected problems. Having issues during and after giving birth forced me to take our life and happiness seriously. It meant a lot to have our family join us for Bibi’s celebration. I look forward to making more memories with my boyfriend who seems to be growing up fast. I hope to do so soon

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Cake (check out Bibi’s best first bio here), but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy this piece of cake. I hope you are too.

Per Calorie 269 Total Fat 20 g Saturated Fat 10 g Saturated Fat 1 g Unsaturated Fat 9 g Cholesterol 112 mg Sodium 151 mg Carbohydrates 18 g Fiber 0 g Sugar 13 g Protein 5 g

This information is provided as a courtesy and is an estimate only. This information comes from online calculations. While an attempt is made to provide accurate nutritional information, these numbers are approximate only. My baby girl, Zoe, just turned 6 months old last week! I can’t believe that time has passed. It seems like yesterday he was just a baby and now he’s sitting, talking and eating solid food! It is a special moment to witness his growth and development in the last few months. Since our 6-month-old son is becoming more and more absent from us every day, I thought it would be a good time to gather our family and close friends, especially those who haven’t seen Zoe in a while, to meet and celebrate this milestone. . After all, these special moments of child development are precious and precious. And it would be a great way to celebrate this day with our loved ones before they turn a year old.

6 Month Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

When it came to planning my daughter’s birthday party, I knew I had to create a party theme and make it special for my little girl. Zoe is a fun-loving kid with an amazing spirit at heart. To embrace her wild and fun side, I decided on a “Wild & Half Way to One” theme, an animal-themed party for her birthday. Since the party is 6 months away, I went with a kid friendly set of party colors but soft tones, with zoo animals wearing cute party hats as the main animals. Decorations and balloons

Unique And Theme Based 6 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas At Home

To set the mood for the theme, I created a simple balloon wall with these gold balloons to explain the theme of the party: Wild & Half Way to One. With these cute safari animal balloons, including this cute cheetah balloon and this giraffe balloon, this background wall isn’t overdone! For the main dessert table, I made a balloon cloud inspired by this cute Animal Parade banner. But I chose soft colors like pastel pink, coral red and gold to work on the feminine side. With the flowers under the window, I love how it turned out! Table and chair.

Our Safari Collection has a wide range of pet accessories to choose from. Since this birthday party is for 6 months, for the tableware I went with more festive items, but with a lighter color tone, including Animal Parade dinner plates, giraffe dishes and party animals. Guest napkins with a fun balloon design. With basic yellow bowls and simple accessories, it has easily become a beautiful and beautiful place! With flowers arranged in the color combination of soft yellows and reds, this dessert table was simply beautiful. Since Zoe was able to sit for a while, I painted her high chair with a beautiful recycled gold frame. We have used this fringe flower for many events or parties in the past because it is different. I love how it instantly adds glamor and fun to Zoe’s high chair; It definitely made for a great photo opportunity for this wild girl! Cake Smash & Cupcakes

Since Zoe started getting stronger, I made a little fun cake! This Animal Parade cake wrapper is a life saver for busy moms like me. I just ordered a cake from our local grocery store the other day and filled it with some pretty pastel candles. Or you can dress the cake with a series of different ‘HALF’ decorations to set that stage. On the side, I made cups and ended up with this safari animal cup kit that comes with a safari animal with hat and flag. How good is that? I also served sandwiches on the side for guests to enjoy. Another birthday party idea is to cut the cake in half or serve food, like hamburgers, pizza, or hot dogs in half. What fun! Even though this birthday party was an intimate gathering with family and close friends, my heart was full after putting together a fun but unique party for my little girl that everyone could enjoy and remember. Finally, while planning Zoe’s birthday party, I came across some other ideas and themes that would work well for birthday parties that she thought were worth sharing. Some examples are:

MIDDLE: Soccer, basketball, football, you name it! I would be perfect for a sports loving family! 6 MONTH FRESH – A great choice for girls who love princesses or beautiful teeth. 😉 SUN WAY – A unique and relaxing space that celebrates the theme. I hope you enjoyed today’s post! For more party ideas and party supplies, check out our extensive collection and choose your favorite for your next event. See you soon! But if caring for a six-month-old means it’s impossible (we hear you, mom!), there are plenty of other options.

Half Birthday Decoration At Home To Mark Six Months For Baby

We have playful, emotional and full of sweet ideas to give you plenty of resources when your child turns 21.5 years old.

The semi-circular shape will leave plenty of room in front of the board for messages, graphics, flowers and even toys.

A birthday photo is a great way to capture how your child has changed and grown.

6 Month Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

Keep your fingers crossed so that they are straight and not clear your posture

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