Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas – We live in a technologically advanced world, and most people know how to handle phones. The internet and mobile phones have changed the way we interact with our environment.

Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets require appropriate methods to collect and transmit data that can trigger potential events. For example, near field communication (NFC) tags connect devices to exchange data for a seamless user experience.

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

Although research shows that every year more and more people are becoming more secure by using NFC to make payments. These tags are not only used for communication payments but are more powerful when combined with other devices. These NFC tags can add to the conversation.

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By tracking your mobile phone, you can track, pay, open apps, grant permissions, set alarms, create shortcuts and turn on lights; The list of ideas is endless. This article aims to show the basics of NFC and its cool applications.

Before we learn how to use NFC wisely, we need to know the basics of this technology. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how it works to use it creatively.

Here’s a great YouTube video of Gary at Gary. If you are into the latest technology and gadgets of cell phones and in general, he is your man

It is a simple technology embedded in small tags for seamless communication. With this technology, you can control about digital devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices.

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But what else can you use NFC tags to make your life easier? I compiled a list of things that I did in my personal experiment and researched some. Here we go.

For example, you can use the NFC tag to control lights and appliances, open doors or activate security systems. You can also use NFC tags to create routines that trigger different actions with a touch. I did so.

I have an NFC tag on the fridge that links to a website that I share with my partner to update our shopping list. From milk? Tap and type milk, and everyone in the house is instantly refreshed.

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

Therefore, using an NFC tag to share your Internet connection without compromising your password is one way to take advantage of this technology.

Ways To Trigger Apple Shortcuts With Nfc Tags

Some apps, such as InstaWifi, allow you to program an NFC tag that, when tapped by an NFC-enabled device, provides direct access to the Internet network.

Many sleep-deprived people turn off WI-FI, Bluetooth and other wireless connections on their devices every night. Yes, you can use the NFC tag on your phone to turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and automatically sync multiple home devices.

All these tasks can be done automatically by placing your NFC tag by the door or on the bedside table.

For example, laundry detergent. You can place an NFC tag near the dryer or washing machine, which when tapped will turn on the timer and start automatically. So even if you forget to do the laundry, the alarm clock will have your back.

How To Use Nfc Tags For Android & Iphone

I use NFC tags in the kitchen, which may sound strange. But I heard (read?), cooking time is very important. I usually ask Siri or another phone assistant to set a timer for me.

However, lately I’ve been putting NFC tags on top of the stove with timers that start with a quick tap on any device. So far I have 5, 15, 30 and 45 minutes. I may add more in the future.

Trust me, doing this will give you peace of mind and a sense of mastery of the second art!

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

For example, you can set up an NFC tag to launch your favorite show, movie or game app with a tap. It’s a nice shortcut to have.

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You can attach tags to your bedside table or bed and program them to activate alarms, turn off sound systems, dim lights, and more.

You can use an NFC tag to notify others on their devices that you are going to bed so they don’t disturb you.

If you are concerned about elderly dependents or you have young children who cannot read or write, NFC tags can help.

You can place the NFC tag in an accessible location and email/message to yourself or a family member if needed.

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Open your door without a key, with your phone’s NFC tag. Sounds of the future. Already exists; A company called Lockitron has already developed its infrastructure.

It allows you to open your door without a key; track your phone. To use this base, you need to pay $295.

You can use car tags to remotely control most of the car’s electronics such as the radio, lights, etc. For example. If your phone is connected to the car stereo, tags can launch apps like Spotify or Google Maps with just a tap.

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

With a simple setup and placing an NFC tag on your car, you can track your vehicle’s movements, calculate your mileage and budget and send all this to a database.

Cool (and Easy) Uses For Nfc Tags

You can program and use NFC tags to mute sounds, turn on Wi-Fi, auto sync and more at work. Have an NFC tag near your monitor or cabinet.

Depending on your habits, you can customize your workspace with NFC. Easily manage your music, request a to-do list or email, or open frequently used apps with your mobile phone or other NFC device or business card.

Attach NFC tags to your workout clothes or gym bag to instantly promote your day’s workout or play your favorite playlist on your music device.

Attach NFC tags to existing chains and use NFC to perform common tasks on the go. It could be anything, a to-do list, a music app, a reminder, anything.

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Even NFC tags can damage your key chains. Don’t worry, you can make keys online with NFC tags and use them.

Find the most unusual target, hide NFC tags there, and prepare them to play great music and videos or open apps without permission when they click and enjoy the feedback.

In our homes, we have many devices that use Bluetooth to connect, for example Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, remote controls, etc. In addition, many companies are planning to install NFC tags.

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

It offers a smart way to connect multiple devices to your smartphone; scan or type, and you’re good to go. The Nexus Q, Google’s music streaming device, includes NFC, but the company is keeping its purpose brief.

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You can use NFC tags to securely complete online shopping transactions. Customers can use the NFC token to identify the device and securely verify their identity to make payments or access their account data.

NFC tags can be used for two-factor authentication, allowing customers to quickly verify their identity when making a purchase or accessing account information.

The use of NFC tags for secure online shopping gives customers an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized people can access or transfer data.

Scandinavia Airlines launched a pilot program called “Smart Pass”. This system allows frequent flyers to stick to the back of the phone by giving them NFC tags.

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This tag gives them access to advanced security checks and VIP-style lounge access and pass exchanges. The NFC base can be used in many places, such as event centers, stadiums, theaters, etc.

Just think, all the access and control you get with a simple digital business card

NFC is not a common technology anymore, so many companies have not thought about integrating NFC into their services or products, even though it is an old technology.

Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

Other services such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay have invested in building NFC infrastructure. Instead, these systems allow users to transact with NFC devices without business cards.

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Creating a place where transactions can be done without business cards is a time and money task.

Most NFC projects are at a niche level due to the need to introduce more NFC-ready terminals and NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets.

Businesses, manufacturers and students have great ideas for using NFC to solve everyday problems. Many prototypes are ready and sold; Here are some.

Although NFC seems to be advanced and unpopular, it can solve many everyday problems. By tracking your mobile phone, you can track, pay, open apps, grant permission, set alarms, create shortcuts and turn on lights; The list of ideas is endless.

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In the future, many devices will have NFC tags, allowing smart transactions with just one tap.

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Nfc Tag Smart Home Ideas

Ways to simplify the management of your smart home

How To Make Nfc Automations To Use With Your Iphone

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