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It definitely decorates your house. As you start living in a humble cabin, the game gives you plenty of opportunities to build, expand and customize a real home – then fill it with all kinds of furniture, decorations and details!

Home Ideas Animal Crossing

Home Ideas Animal Crossing

A home is more cohesive in design than your actual living space, but I’m here to help you change all that. Next come 12 pieces

Animal Crossing New Horizons Perfectionist Island Guide

One of the first DIY recipes you’re likely to get in the game is for a log bench, and while you can definitely use it to add seating to your home, it’s also great as a kitchen counter (since the real thing is extremely hard to find) or a shelf for decorations!

If you love the rustic, handcrafted feel of this item, you’ll love this pine bench, which is made from solid wood and has a live edge finish. It gives off some serious log house vibes and can be used at the end of your bed or in your entryway.

Personally, I love the industrial-inspired aesthetic of the game’s ironwood furniture series, and I particularly like placing these ironwood coffee tables in my virtual home – they’re perfect for displaying plants! You can achieve the same look in your real home with this coffee table on wheels, which has a metal base with wheels on one side and a natural wood top.

When Tom Nook first drops you off on his island, you have to live in a tent, and chances are you’ll have a sleeping bag or camping cot to rest at night. Although you’ve probably upgraded to a real bed

Animal Crossing Terraforming Ideas: Best Island Layouts In New Horizons

, that old camping cot might not be such a bad investment for outdoor explorers. This crib folds into a compact shape for easy storage, and its ripstop polyester sleeping surface will be a step up from napping on the floor.

Another one of my favorite homemade recipes in the game is the rocking chair, which is perfect for filling an empty corner in your home or next to one of your favorite island gardens. Likewise, every real porch needs a rocking chair where you can relax and watch the world go by, and this wooden option is simple yet classic. It would be right at home on almost any patio.

, so I mainly decorate my house with these iron sconces. The design is quite classic – and quite flexible – so it’s no surprise you’ll find a similar product in real life. These Allenbury outdoor wall sconces have the same wide triangular shades and curved arms and would look great on either side of your front door.

Home Ideas Animal Crossing

Offers, and these ivy wall pots can be found in almost every room of my house. (Not to brag, but now I have multiple bedrooms and deep debt.)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Academy And Feng Shui Guide How To Get An S Rank

If you love the look of these vases, why not buy them for your own home? The concrete hanging planter has the same half-circle shape and would look great with creeping ivy to the side.

I stopped by my Ozzie to take a picture of this rustic wooden bed – my tastes are much rosier, but I can appreciate its earthy vibe. The good news is that this same bed is available online and is handcrafted by the Pennsylvania Amish, so the quality is top notch. The bed frame has a rustic look thanks to the natural knotted wood and I’m sure Ozzy would approve.

, and without a doubt my favorite plant in the game is the anthurium. My virtual plant has pink flowers, but you are more likely to find red flowers in real life. As well as being a beautiful addition to your home, these live plants help purify the air of toxins – just one more reason to buy!

After a hard day of landscaping, there’s nothing like resting in a comfortable hammock to relax with a cool drink. I wear this color

Gorgeous Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Designs

A beach hammock on my island, but the actual version would be a welcome addition to any garden. You can place it under trees for a shady retreat or in the sun for your new favorite tanning spot. You choose!

My daughter Tia, Boule the elephant, is certainly one of the pioneers on our island – for example, she uses this beautiful iron garden table and chair indoors. You can take a page out of your book with this three-piece bistro set that features the same beautiful floral pattern. It is designed for outdoor use, so you can place it in your terrace, but you can also place it in your kitchen to create a beautiful dining area.

Get the Elegance Beach Sand Cast Metal 3-Piece Outdoor Dining Set from Oakland Living Corporation on Amazon for $247.48

Home Ideas Animal Crossing

, and you can decorate your gardens in the game with this charming gnome who will take care of your rare hybrid flowers. You can also get the same special spotter in real life. This gnome statue looks haggard and he’s holding a shovel in case you need help gardening.

Pieces Of Animal Crossing Decor You Can Own In Real Life

As warmer weather approaches, you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors, and you can make your patio space more inviting with a pair of wicker chairs like the ones in the game. The chairs are made of wicker and include a comfortable cushion to rest on. This could be your new favorite place to play games on your Nintendo Switch!

A number of returning items can be found in-game, including this vintage glove chair. Honestly, I didn’t think I could find one in real life. However, the internet delivered a lot of time because not only did I find a baseball glove chair, but it also came with a matching baseball shaped ottoman. Perfect for a man cave or nursery!

House has a bubblegum rose aroma diffuser. You can pick up one of these bad boys for your own bathroom for a surprisingly affordable price, and it’s also available in red, green, and white, in case you have a different aesthetic. Just fill it with water and a few drops of essential oils and your home will be smelling great in no time.

It’s no secret that I have a bit of a crush on Diana, so it just felt right to use some of her stylish decor to complete this list. While I was trying to find a real seashell bed to include, the closest match was sold out, so let’s get to plan B. Instead, I present to you this seashell pool float that will have you feeling like Diana as you bask in the sun this summer.

Acnh Pet Room Ideas

Review’s product experts take care of all your shopping needs. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest deals, product reviews and more. Welcome to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update Guide! This section teaches you everything you need to know about the Pro Decorating license, including how it works, unlocking it, and adding accent walls and ceiling lights in ACNH.

The Pro Decorating license is a new feature added in the ACNH 2.0 update. It gives you more customization in your home by allowing you to create accent walls and use ceiling fixtures such as pendant lights and shelves.

It’s the perfect resource for anyone who enjoys decorating their home, spending hours making sure everything is in the right place. It is also ideal for fans of Happy Home Paradise or Happy Home Deser on Nintendo 3DS, as it offers more creative freedom than before.

Home Ideas Animal Crossing

To get a Pro Decorating license, you first need 2500 Nook Miles. For help, check out our Nook Miles guide – How to earn miles, list of challenges and rewards.

Best Animal Crossing Entrance Ideas

Once you’ve had enough, head to the Resident Services building and then to the Nook Stop where you can purchase a Professional Decorating License. Unlocks immediately. You are now ready to add accent walls and ceilings!

To add an accent wall, you obviously need wallpaper. You can buy it from Nook’s Cranny or Saharah when she visits your town or after unlocking her at Harv’s Island Shopping Plaza. You can only have one accent wall per room.

Make sure you have some wallpaper in your pockets or inventory, and enter Decor Mode by pressing the D-Pad when you’re in the room you want to add a feature wall, then the Plus (+) button to enter Wall Mode.

To use Pocket Wallpaper, press X, click on the wallpaper, then click “Set Accent Wall”. If it’s in your storage, press right on the D-Pad, navigate to it, and press X to set it up. See our How to Remove Accent Walls page if

Creative ‘animal Crossing: New Horizons’ House Designs

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