Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas

Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas – You can use the full power of your smart devices to work together and add automation to eliminate repetitive tasks. I use open source software (currently HomeAssistant) to automate all my devices and have built many automations for them over time. These are my top 5 favorites and how you can use them.

Where possible, I’ll include links to my projects (the easiest way to add automation to Home Assistant) or code automation for you. There are also links to the hardware I used throughout the article. These are affiliate links, please use them if you want to create a similar setup and support this blog.

Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas

Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas

I can’t stress enough how awesome automatic lights are for me. I get really annoyed when I’m somewhere else where I still have to flip those boring light switches. Most of the lights in my apartment are activated by motion sensors and turn on and off automatically. No intervention required, just automatic.

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Setup is described in detail in My Ultimate Smart Light Setup. I basically have ZigBee smart bulbs and small Akara motion sensors. You can use the same automation with this project in Home Assistant. It also controls the lighting (via the same motion sensor) and turns the light on only when really necessary. They turn off automatically after a certain delay and when no new movement is detected.

I used ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT with a Zigbee network controlled by my home assistant for various devices such as Aquara sensors, Hue light bulbs and IKEA light bulbs.

Automatic lights are a great start, but I’ve taken it a step further with my Smart Lights setup. If you know f.lux or adaptive lighting from your PC or smartphone, you know what it can do with your entire apartment: lights that change color and brightness to match their environment perfectly. I don’t want to be blinded by bright lights in the dark. Instead at night my lights are dim and dim. The next morning they begin to turn more blue-white and return to full brightness.

You don’t need automation for this. Instead there’s an integration called Adaptive Lighting for Home Assistant. You can install it from the Home Assistant Community Store and customize your devices to your liking. I have two different configurations for my paint and my IKEA bulbs.

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If you want more information on this, you can also find details in my latest smart light guide.

The automatic vacuum cleaner robot is great! When set up correctly, you can forget about most cleaning tasks and try to reach the spot by hand every time. I have been using a great value high performance model, Roblox S50, for a long time and it has worked almost perfectly.

I have to do this to get rid of some dental problems. These can be quickly fixed by adding a small bumper extension to the front of the robot and some small ramps to some of the longer doors.

Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas

You can integrate it into OpenHub or Home Assistant and control it from there. In this case I like to keep the automation very simple. I am using the Xiaomi Home app to set a cleaning schedule for the robot. Find a time in the day when you’re not at home (or won’t be disturbed by noise) and schedule it to work every day of the week. Make sure to exclude weekends if you have neighbors.

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Few things are more annoying (and expensive) than a faulty water line or washing machine flooding your apartment. I may not be able to stop it completely, but at least the sensors on the front of my washing machine and dishwasher have made a difference for me to get an alarm on my phone if it detects water on the floor.

For this I used a small battery operated water sensor that sits on the floor in front of the machine. Automation is simple: I use a service called PushOver to send push messages to my phone when sensors detect and water, and create notifications directly in Home Assistant.

You can find all the automation details for OpenHab along with the general setup in my post here.

I have added several smart switches in my apartment. Because they are battery operated, they are not only portable but can be placed anywhere. However, their greatest feature comes from their connection to smart home systems: they are not limited to one action (turning the light on and off), but can trigger a whole host of changes depending on other factors such as the time of day. Even better: they respond to double and prolonged stress.

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As well as using them as a standard light switch that can be placed anywhere I also use them for more complex commands. I had one at the door that turned off all the lights in the apartment at once and started a robot vacuum every time I left the house.

I currently have two different modes next to my bed: a “get up” mode that opens the blinds and turns on the ceiling light in the morning, and a “red” mode that turns off some LED lights in the room and the blinds in the evening, turns off all the lights in the apartment and turns on the bedside reading light.

Again switches are cheap but powerful Aqara devices that I run through ZHA so trigger a

Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas

Over there. Double-click on the left side of the button it indicates. It is activated only when the sun is above the horizon. In contrast, there is another automatism to close the shutter in the evening. Also controls the lights mentioned above.

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This is my personal section of the internet, a place to showcase my projects and share ideas about smarthome, IoT and design.

Home Assistant is a great system, but the terminology can be confusing when you’re starting out. Here’s a quick explanation of what automations, projects, scenarios and scripts are in the Home Assistant. Home Assistant Basics – Read more…

Home Assistant might be the best open-source smart home manager out there, but some of the terms can be a little confusing if you’re new to it. Read more as a first step to a home care assistant…

Everyone forgets things. With Home Assistant you can use the power of your smart home to prevent this. I have created a reminder system that works well through Home Assistant for various tasks. Its full features read more…Home automation is more than just a one-trick pony. When you build on a solid foundation like a modern operating system that powers your entire home, the possibilities are endless. We could list home automation ideas all day (and you’ll find plenty in our ideas gallery), but here are 78 to get you started, plus 5 bonus voice control ideas to get you talking!

Here’s How I Consolidated My Smart Home Using Home Assistant

1. Pressing the button turns off all lights in a given room or floor, not just one light.

4. When the garage door is opened after dark, the lights outside your door and inside the house turn on automatically.

5. Motion sensors in critical areas signal the automation system to turn off the lights when the room is vacant for some time.

Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas

8. On touching the “All Off” button, all the lights in the whole house will be turned off.

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9. Midnight Snack – Light enough to walk to the fridge and back without disturbing family members.

10. Motion Detection: At night, when motion is detected, the ramp brightens up to 15% (bright enough to see, not blinding).

12. If the natural light in the room is less than 50%, the light will be 50%. If the natural light is less than 40%, the light will increase to 60% and so on. This helps when shadows are formed or on a mid-summer day.

13. Landscape Lighting: Lights up at dusk, then dims to 20% at 11pm to save energy.

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15. Push your stored music into your home through distributed audio zones accessible via smartphones, keyboards and touchscreens.

16. Press the button on the keyboard to activate the musical zone. If you press music, you can change the LED to a color assigned to each family member (with their favorite playlist/setting).

19. Install a touchscreen behind a waterproof wall mount in the shower to control music streaming in the shower.

Xiaomi Home Automation Ideas

20. Program your “His and Hers” audio settings. According to the time of day, assigned keypad buttons, or audio zones.

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21. Use it

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