Home Ideas Sims 4

Home Ideas Sims 4 – Lately I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV reruns on Hulu while working on my crochet projects. You can find great inspiration for building homes by watching shows like House Hunters or Property Brothers. Today’s house layout, which I call Modern & Elegant, was partially inspired by a house I saw on House Hunters (interior color scheme and style) and a floor plan I saw on houseplans.com. I hope you enjoy this tour!

After finishing building this house, I kept forgetting to put a lot of features into my houses… oops! Sunny aspect, romantic aura and conviviality are the signs of this house. As you can see in the picture above, the exterior has a modern design with simple landscaping and large windows to let in lots of natural light. I wanted to keep the exterior simple to match the “soft” aspect of this building.

Home Ideas Sims 4

Home Ideas Sims 4

When you enter the home, you are greeted by the sight of a bright and welcoming large room. Above is a picture of part of the living room and kitchen. Although I think there are elements of revolutionary style, most of the decor in this house is modern.

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On the other side of the living room we have a fireplace surrounded by comfortable but soft chairs. Perfect for sitting by the fire and reading a book or enjoying a glass of nectar. Your Sims have a desk and computer to work on or enjoy a game.

Next we have the large room, kitchen and dining area. The kitchen perfectly matches the home’s sleek, modern features with clean lines and modern appliances. The space also has plenty of bright natural light.

I don’t usually go for bold colored bathrooms when designing homes, but one thing I noticed when looking at modern home decor is that a lot of them are black bathrooms. So I joined! I think this might be my favorite bathroom design yet! It feels very zen and not too dark. Around the left eaves there is a shower and toilet as well as a large window that lets in natural light.

Finally, I think it’s my favorite room in the house. Master bedroom. I used a lot of design stuff from the Vintage Glamor stuff pack which has some of my favorite things in the game. I’m a big fan of decorating Sims’ homes with lots of art deco! On the other side of the room is another modern fireplace and some paintings.

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The house also has a bedroom, pantry, walk-in closet that separates the bedroom from the backyard for grilling and outdoor gatherings, and a few things I didn’t show on the tour.

I hope you all enjoyed this trip! Don’t forget you can download this house from the gallery!

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Home Ideas Sims 4

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House Ideas To Try To Build In The Sims 4

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Home Ideas Sims 4

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Some unclassified cookies have been analyzed and are not yet classified. Building the perfect home for your swimming family can be a bit of a chore. If you’re not a very confident builder and the gallery isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you’re left with little options. While it may sound scary, building your own home is really rewarding and will ensure your Sims get exactly what they need! I built two family homes in two different styles to show you how easy it is to build a beautiful home!

You Can Use Sims 4 To Create 3d Interior Design Ideas But Leave The Final Product To Professionals

It seems that many Sims players often struggle to build anything that isn’t a rectangle. Although it’s frustrating, I wanted to show that it’s not really a bad thing, and with a little inspiration, you can turn your boring and lonely rectangles into something really fun! This cottage home is almost rectangular in shape. Basically it’s a very simple look and easy to build, but I was able to make it more sophisticated by adding wall decorations and colorful scenery. The English cottage style is perfect if you are not a particularly strong builder. Cottages are known for their simple architecture and are often very symmetrical, meaning that it doesn’t take great architectural skills to create something amazing. I think the cottage style with a quaint and unique feel is perfect for a family home!

The building started as a two story square block and I didn’t add much to it to create the final look. Most constructions are naturally occurring. When I decided on my floor plan, I felt I didn’t have enough space for the kitchen, so I added a rectangular extension to the back of the house. Family houses are difficult because they need to provide enough space for multiple Sims. Don’t be afraid to expand where you need to, add a bedroom downstairs or create a closet. These are all part of family life and help make your design more realistic!

I never start a build with a preconceived idea of ​​what to build, and often even the most unique and unusual builds are born from trial and error. Start with a simple shape and keep adding to it. I guarantee you will have something to be proud of in the end!

Home Ideas Sims 4

The second structure I created is a modern house. Like the cottage style, modern houses are often built in simple shapes. This house is made of two rectangles placed side by side, one slightly before the other. Although it is very simple to create and is technically only made of rectangles, the result looks very modern and stylish.

The Sims Mobile House Templates

I added a balcony to make the building a little more interesting. For this I follow the shape of the building itself. It didn’t require any crazy construction skills, but it did help add more detail to the exterior of the building.

Empty space is one of the things that can make a building dull and boring. Even the most basic structures can look incredibly attractive when you surround them with decorations and features. A good option for rebuilding Windows. Not only do they help fill empty walls, but in The Sims 4 there are many windows that are detailed and interesting in their own way.

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