Homemade Zamboni Ideas

Homemade Zamboni Ideas – – A girl’s request to play hockey leads a man and a boy on an ambitious journey to build their own Zamboni.

Ron Theriault and his son Anthony began shoveling the Seine near their home on Christmas Day, but the ice soon rose and broke.

Homemade Zamboni Ideas

Homemade Zamboni Ideas

“The flood wasn’t working very well, it was taking too long,” said Ron Theriault. “The idea was to find a way to create a machine that could fill the river with water and bring it to the river to flood the ice.”

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“It was a shame to throw away those cars,” he said. Ron called his son for help. The first step was to unload a truckload of cargo for the homemade Zamboni.

“There’s a ski, there’s a wheel broom, there’s all kinds of things, I wonder?” Anthony Theriault said.

All these components combine to create an eco-friendly snowmobile with no moving parts and LED lights.

It consists of a washing machine plastic hose, a manifold that controls water flow and distribution, a valve at the bottom, retracting elements to distribute water, and ice to move it.

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“At first we pushed from the back, but it was too slippery and we just fell off, so we had to start from the front. We pushed on the snow because the snow made it flat,” Anthony said.

Return to the drawing board to edit. Anthony said they would tie a rope to the front and try to make the ice stronger.

Ron says the machine weighs 200 pounds, or 90 kilograms, and is half full of hot water. He’s considering using ice skates to help build a homemade Zamboni.

Homemade Zamboni Ideas

The father and son said their 70-by-25-foot lot is open to the public and could expand their snow removal operations to revive the nearby ice rink. A 40-foot curling rink near New Germany, complete with a roof, bleachers, and even a classic curling stone, is available in few outdoor spaces.

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Peter Wagner and his fellow curlers built an outdoor curling iron in their backyard near New Germany. (Emma Smith/)

It was built eight years ago by the Hicks’ Hack Outdoor Curling Club, neighbors who gathered to fight the blues.

The 40-meter length has a roof, parking and lighting, so players can compete late into the night. And they usually do. (Emma Smith/)

For the first year, the members stuck to the lakefront, but when they got tired of going back and forth, they moved the fun to Peter Wagner’s house.

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The ice-making process begins by using a layer of sawdust before it is poured into the garden hose.

Then the curlers smooth the surface with something like a homemade Zamboni. Finally, a pressure vessel is used to spray water droplets that rapidly cool the stone.

“It’s not a normal curling cycle,” said curler Peter Aucoin. Even when playing, the ice makes a big difference.

Homemade Zamboni Ideas

“[Hot] can go left in the first game and right in the late game, so you really have to play the game to know what you’re doing there.”

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A salad bowl is used as a mold made of cement, and a metal insert that slides well over the ice is placed at the bottom.

After several failed models, curlers created a real stone weighing 18 kg.

When it’s too cold to roll, players run to the nearby clubhouse for warmth. (Emma Smith/)

When someone donated real curling stones, they just didn’t work well and were quickly discarded, Wagner said.

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“It’s a great pride to be able to make something and use it.

Emma Smith is a Nova Scotia reporter. You can send her story ideas and feedback to emma.smith@ Porta Ice, an equestrian-sized ice recovery device, is a game changer for local ice rinks and the Calgary Lake Community.

2 years ago How this Calgarian turned his passion from a hobby into a full-time job Duration 2:48 It started with a small space snowmobile to take to different local sites. Now this little Calgary ship is coming out of the mines or lakes of North America.

Homemade Zamboni Ideas

Anyone who has attempted to build an outdoor skating rink knows that maintaining an even and smooth surface is a constant challenge.

This Is What Lockdown Plus Cold Weather Does In Winnipeg! Built With Finest Whirlpool Washer! Made From Second Hand Materials. What Do You Think Of Our Homemade Ice Resurfacer?

This year, outdoor skating rinks are more popular than ever, and a Calgary company is working to build a track.

Porta Ice, a small refreshment machine about the size of a skimmer, is gaining popularity.

Yenna said she built her first car a few years ago as a hobby and has been building others for the past two years.

“In the beginning, I started growing herbs to keep myself busy during the winter,” says Yenna. “I loved getting outside and protecting my playground, so it was a hobby that turned into a full-time job, and it turned into a job, so it’s definitely a dream come true.”

The Rogue Experimenters

Chris Yenna with his Porta snowmobile. Jenna, who created a machine that’s as easy to use as a riding lawnmower, says her snowboard repair and maintenance business is booming in Calgary. (Jocelyn Boisonneault/)

He says the Porta Ice is easy to operate and maintain without having to worry about complicated setups like “some of the bigger machines.”

Yenna says he’s sold 15 consensus cars in the past two years, and word is spreading.

Homemade Zamboni Ideas

“We’ve got three productions coming out right now, and we’re just about to start our waiting list,” he said. “We have some in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, as well as … provinces.”

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Among interested customers, Yenna said, hockey schools and training centers appreciate the machines’ small size and battery-powered nature. This makes them ideal for smaller ski areas such as backcountry skiing.

“As volunteers, we do what we can, but we use hoses and shovels and brooms,” said Cedarbrae Community Board member Landen Field.

A user-friendly mini-rink restoration kit could be a game-changer for small-space maintenance volunteers, he said.

Chris Yenna, owner of Porta Ice Ltd., said he started making mini ice as a hobby for small outdoor spaces. (Jocelyn Boisonneault/)

Homemade Zamboni Gives Old Washing Machine New Life

“When the kids are out skating on the ice without any bumps, bumps or cracks, it makes them feel like they’re playing at home,” he said.

“The puck skis very well. The kids ski very well, they don’t have problems with knee injuries, ankle injuries, hitting the puck.”

Cederbrae Community Board member Landen Field said the compact ski recovery vehicle has changed the game for local skiers. (Jocelyn Boisonneault/)

Homemade Zamboni Ideas

“Sometimes [we find] the right equipment for the job,” he said, adding that the 500-liter tank is large enough to produce a full ice rink.

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It’s thin, so it’s perfect for ponds, lakes, and all kinds of local ski areas.

“For some of the bigger companies, the parts weigh almost 10,000 pounds when they’re all loaded, so having a lighter machine is a big advantage.” David’s passion for hockey is almost second only to his passion for architecture. When planning his family’s current home, one of the deciding factors in the site selection process was “is there a backyard?”

For the past 6 years, David has built a 30×53 foot ice rink in his backyard. Complete with drawers, hockey nets, a homeboni (a homemade Zamboni) and the Toronto Maple Leafs logo in the middle, it has become an integral part of his home. From skiing with his family, shooting with his daughter, playing sports with friends, David decided to design a house where he could choose more and spend his favorite winter moments.

Backyard skating has become popular throughout the GTA (check out the annual Burt’s Snowboarding Contest). They add to the outdoor fun during the cold winter months, but require regular maintenance.

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… and don’t forget the homeboni – a little PVC pipe, fabric, holes, pipes, a little talent, and you have a home Zamboni …

Incorporating your lifestyle and passions into your home design is the true essence of home design, creating a home that reflects you, your family and your passions in life. Have you added your passion for country living or your luxury car collection to the design?

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