Home Visit Ideas

Home Visit Ideas – How do you combine hobbies, recreation and pets in a compact space? With a laser cutter and factory work at home, he shows how he turned a small apartment into an urban oasis.

Alessia shares her 750 square meter apartment with her boyfriend Mika, two dogs and 175 plants. In addition to running a laser cutting business from home, she blogs about plants and believes that living in a high-rise apartment shouldn’t stop you from growing your green fingers. “Plants are our greatest achievement. I am proud of how they are growing in this small area, – says Alesya.

Home Visit Ideas

Home Visit Ideas

“I spend most of my time in my home office, where I have many rare tropical plants. It’s a peaceful and refreshing place to work, dream, and play video games with Mika.

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With an open-plan living room, work space and kitchen, the couple and their dog spend most of their time at home. Although their house is small, it is clearly zoned with separate functions. “Our colorful rugs help ground the space by creating a vibrant backdrop against the natural materials,” says Alessia.

Although Micah and Alessia’s apartment overlooks the city, their collection of plants brings nature into the home. Thoughtful window display ideas, such as glass-topped cabinets, maximize floor-to-ceiling space and create multiple levels for displaying plants, while also providing a safe place for new plants to grow. will be

Shelves can make a big difference in a small apartment. Use them to turn walls into double storage and display areas that free up space and add character to your space. In a narrow bedroom, a shelf is a smart alternative to a bedside table.

The couple rented their apartment for seven years and kept the color scheme neutral. They bring their own personality with the help of textiles and accessories. “I like to balance my vibrant color palette with neutrals as a base. A colored bed sheet electrifies the colors in the bedroom, says Alesya.

A Small City Home Made For Family Time

“Working and living in the same small space is a daily challenge. You need to balance functionality and relaxation. I think we have successfully turned this space into our personal paradise.

We love it when our customers get creative with our products. Take action! However, please note that modifying or altering products so that they cannot be resold or used for their intended purpose voids commercial warranties and the right to return products. Can adjusting your home environment improve your health? Behind the concrete stairs in the downtown apartment building is Dagmara’s hideaway, where space zoning, storage and plants are used to create a sense of well-being. Here it is…

Plan your site around events. “Before I think about the furniture, I think about what we want to do in the room and use that as inspiration,” says co-owner and stylist Dagmara, who lives with her husband Christophe and daughter Hania. A large rug and round dining table, along with storage organized by activity, help define spaces for lounging, family meals, and reading. “The living room is a place where we feel comfortable, even when we focus on our things,” he adds.

Home Visit Ideas

Use open storage to display and display your favorite entertainment. Fill shelves with valuables and use surfaces and walls to create convenient display cases. Create a consistent look with coloring books. “I relax at home with books, I love the smell of paper,” says Dagmara. “Watching them makes me happy and motivates me to take time for myself.”

Care Home Open Day

“Home is a place where I feel safe, where I feel happy. I want my family to feel like me, so I try to make room for everyone.

Add personality and fun. “Everyone likes to move,” says Dagmara. “It can be moved to stand by our bedroom door or Hania’s bedroom.” A table in the living room with a combination of closed and open wall cabinets creates visual interest that also acts as a display and creates an attractive workspace for styling ideas or Dagmara lessons.

Make your kitchen attractive and functional. A row of shelves mounted high on the wall gives the room a sense of height and allows storage and cascading greenery to be added to the bistro-inspired dining area, while a picture shelf creates a storage and display solution for serving. Trays and small items. This is a great breakfast spot for one or three people.

Add soothing elements to create a relaxing bedroom. Think layered linens and soothing tones made from natural materials, mirrors that enhance the sense of space, lighting and minimalist bedside tables. “The bedroom is emotionally important,” says Dagmara. “This is where we start and end every day.”

Inside The Apartment Of An Eco Conscious Minimalist

Bring nature into every room. “For me, balancing a home starts with plants,” says Dagmara. “I got the first one from my grandmother and I’m very attached to them.” A living screen under your bed creates a sense of harmony and comfort. “It’s like falling asleep and waking up in a mini oasis.”

Style your indoor storage to create inspiring displays. Dagmara brought her bedroom dresser to life with an eclectic mix of plants, personalized cookies and photos. “Looking at this area makes me happy,” he says. “It makes everyday tasks like getting dressed a little more fun.”

Make sure your bedside table matches the rest of the room. “My husband Krzysztof lives in another city during the working days, so it is very important that he has a studio here when he returns,” says Dagmara. “But we wanted the room to look calm and organized.” The indoor storage is multifunctional – it stores out-of-season clothes, as well as Krzysztof’s computer and music equipment. The presence of space between the cabinets makes them a feature and creates a feeling of lightness.

Home Visit Ideas

What does home mean to you? It’s really the most important place for us, it’s the place we love to be.

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How has home life changed for you lately? We both worked from home, and now neither of us is working. This is a new chapter in our lives. The focus of the house shifted to a place to reconnect after a week.

If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be? We dream of a bigger balcony, but from a practical point of view, more storage space for clothes would be a bonus!

Dagmara did not think that she would live on the street where she grew up. But this apartment of 115 m2 in an old house became free. “It’s downtown, but big enough for a family,” he says. “It was in a terrible state, with pink walls and paneled floors, so it took a lot of work to remove all the doors, floors and walls. The living room is definitely the heart of our home – physically and symbolically.

We love it when our customers get creative with our products. Take action! However, please note that modifying or altering products so that they cannot be resold or used for their intended purpose voids commercial warranties and the right to return products. Use creative displays to give your walls a new look without changing them. Here are some inspiring ideas we’ve seen in homes around the world, from creating layered displays above cabinets to making your own flower wreaths.

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Create an inspiring workspace by hanging tablets on your desk to use as a moodboard. Image rails are another easy-to-update way to showcase your latest inspiration.

To save time in the morning, hang your clothes for the next day on the hooks on your bedroom wall. It also turns your clothes and accessories into works of art.

Turn the top of the crate into a display by creating a stack of objects of the same color. Jules scoured Berlin’s flea markets in search of unusual white vases to add to her collection.

Home Visit Ideas

Shelves can be beautiful and functional. Put out your favorite foods and colorful spices for everyday enjoyment.

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Reconnect with nature by creating a living window display. Grow a window garden at different levels using macrame hangers like Andrea from Portugal.

Dedicate one wall to family photos to create a gallery of memories. At Kasha’s home in Poland, her Polaroid wall reminds her sons of all the places they’ve visited.

Create a new look for your dining room bunting by hanging flowers on string. In London, Melia hangs a rope and updates what she tied to it to reflect her tablecloth.

We love it when our customers get creative with our products. Take action! However, please note that altering or modifying products in such a way that they cannot be resold or used for their original purpose will void commercial warranties and the right to return products. Adaptable

Tour A Tiny City Rental Apartment Full Of Houseplants

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