Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas At Home

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas At Home – A child only gets one first birthday – so you want that party to count. Get started here with this step-by-step planning guide.

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Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas At Home

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas At Home

Your baby is now officially a toddler – which means you’ve survived your first year as a parent! Congratulations! It is a major milestone that deserves to be celebrated. If you are thinking of throwing a baby’s first birthday party and are looking for first birthday party ideas for boys and girls, look no further. When and where to throw a party with the cutest first birthday themes, here’s how to plan a sweet first birthday party.

Inside Sheridan Smith’s Rainforest Themed Party For Her Son Billy’s First Birthday

A baby’s first birthday is a very special milestone that you want to share with close friends and family. If you’re planning a party, it’s best to throw it the weekend before or after the child’s actual birthday, especially if it’s during the week.

If you have a big enough house and want to save some money, hosting a party at your house can be a good option. Hosting an event at home means guests can relax longer and baby has a comfortable and familiar place to eat, sleep and change. “You have access to everything you need in your home,” says Madison Hummel, a Washington, D.C.-based party planner and owner of Madison Avenue Events.

However, if hosting at home is not for you, another great option is to book a restaurant or a children’s playground. It can be expensive, but the big advantages are that you won’t be stuck with a lot of preparation or cleaning, and you won’t have to work as hard to entertain guests. Or, depending on the weather, you can even consider hosting your baby’s first birthday party at your favorite park. You can put food and decorations on picnic tables (and some parks have grills), and the nearby playground can keep the kids busy—just make sure you have enough adults to keep an eye on them. Partying outside is also a covid-safe option. Check with your local parks department to see if you need a permit or make a reservation.

Wherever you decide to hold your baby’s first birthday party, make sure there is room for your little one and their friends to move around and play safely, and for you and your guests to breastfeed or feed with bottle and diaper changes. “You can make a diaper changing kit full of bows, wipes, diapers wrapped in diaper cream, and even put in a little toy that the baby is holding,” says Hummel.

First Birthday Themes

The most important rule when it comes to planning your child’s first birthday? Keep it short and plan it for a few hours rather than an all-day affair as parties can be overwhelming for young children (especially if there are many guests). The party is best planned in the late afternoon after sleeping, adds Hamel. This ensures that your child is well rested and reduces the likelihood of fussiness.

The size of your party ultimately depends on your preferences as well as your budget – the more people you have, the more food, drinks and space you’ll need. Start with a must-invite list: the people you wouldn’t celebrate without. If you can increase the number of heads, go for it. If it will be near you, the party could include grandparents, aunts and uncles, and some of the children’s friends from your daycare or playgroup. If you want to go all out and have a big party, invite extended family, friends, colleagues with kids, etc. (Also, given the ongoing concerns about Covid-19, think about how many people you’re comfortable having in one place.)

A good venue and good company are key to any great party – but to make a kid’s party extra special, consider choosing a first birthday party theme to guide your party preparations. Whether you decide on a specific color or animal character, you can design everything from invitations to birthday cakes and decorations around the theme. (Make sure all decorations are age appropriate for curious little ones who want to gobble up everything in sight!). good news? they are there

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas At Home

The best first birthday themes to choose from. Does the child have a favorite stuffed rabbit or fox? Try a forest first birthday theme. If reading to your baby at night is your favorite part of the day, choose a theme based on a classic story or characters. Or you can be inspired by the season and choose an appropriate color theme such as spring pastels or winter white. Check out some more creative first birthday ideas for boys and girls below.

Tecreo 1st Birthday Decoration Party Decor For Boy Fabric Sign Poster 1st Anniversary Background Banner 1st Birthday Party Supplies Blue Table Decoration, 150cm

“First Time Around the Sun” birthday themes are extremely popular with parents – and for good reason. This gives parents a lot of flexibility, as they can choose a bright, celestial theme or incorporate darker space decorations. Blogger Tamara Waterson of Champagne Macaroons chose a gold color scheme for her son’s “first time around the sun” birthday party. For decoration, he used a yellow, white and orange garland of balloons and ribbons and a large illuminated “One” sign. The cake had a simple white and gold frosting with a wooden cupcake topper that read, “Our sun is one.” This first birthday party theme for boys and girls combines simplicity and elegance for a party that looks effortlessly chic.

Another great first birthday party idea for boys and girls, especially for the early summer months, is a “Barry’s First Birthday” party. Blogger Ashley Brooke Nicholas chose the theme for her daughter’s first birthday because strawberries are her favorite food. For the dessert table, she displayed custom strawberry themed cookies, cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and a basket full of fresh strawberries. The pink cake also fits the first birthday theme, with flowers, a wicker basket and fondant strawberries as toppers. Nicholas used a pink balloon garland to tie the decor together and also displayed a framed milestone chart with his baby girl’s height, weight, favorite foods, toys and more. For her first birthday party, she used adorable little baskets filled with strawberry jam and strawberry flavored candies.

What is black, white and red? Mickey Mouse themed birthday party! Photographer Paige Knudsen shared photos from the first birthday party that Disney would be proud of! From the red and white polka dot Solo mug to the “Mickey’s Clubhouse” welcome sign and Mickey paper fan decorations, every detail is covered. The candy board also contained all the Mickey themed candy and color coordinated cookies. Food includes “Cork Pretzels” and “Chips and Dells” along with “Mini Bow Tie Pasta Salad” and treats from Daisy and other Mickey Mouse Club friends. Moreover, all these ideas for decorations, gifts and food are very easy to replicate.

If baby loves Winnie the Pooh stories – or Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore still touch your childhood heart – a Pooh themed party is a wonderful way to celebrate baby’s first 12 months. This Winnie the Pooh celebration for teens, featured on, features an abundance of floral patterns in soft colors and whites. The menu included a seasonal strawberry salad for the grown-up guests and a picnic lunch in a gingham box with PB&Js, chips, biscuits and vegetables for the kids. Cupcakes topped with fondant bees are a super sweet touch. Driving home the first birthday theme, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger plush toys (perfect as gifts!) were everywhere, along with party hats.

Year Old Boy Birthday Party Cake Smash, Fun Food Stock Photo

If your little explorer loves all things dinosaur, a prehistoric themed birthday party could be just the thing to make him smile. To design her first birthday party, fern and maple style Natalie covered the space with adorable T-Rex balloons. For the dessert table, she chose dinosaur cakes and dinosaur cupcakes (but if you’re going with this theme, there are many options – dinosaur cupcakes and cupcakes can also be added to the decorations). She also organized a basket of “dinosaurs for adoption” for a creative first birthday celebration.

Over at The Love Designed Life blog, party stylist Paige Rangel threw her daughter’s first birthday party with a magical unicorn theme. We love the details of the dragon mask and the horn headband with a tulle cover for guests to wear, matching the pastel colors of the party. Lots of sparkly details, from the birthday girl’s name banner to her crown and dress. The bare ombre cake looked delicious – and it was also vegan and gluten-free to accommodate the family’s dietary restrictions. A DIY unicorn piñata added to the festive fun, and the flower tent was perfect for when baby (and her little guests) needed a nap.

Also out is this first storybook themed birthday party with just add confetti. All the colorful decorations are taken straight from the books (and are easy to copy). Plus, pretty themed fondant cakes, fresh strawberries and green cakes add a layer of festive fun. The themed wreath with a very hungry caterpillar continues

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas At Home

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