1st Birthday At Home Ideas

1st Birthday At Home Ideas – I always remember my son’s first birthday with a smile. This is the emotional day when your child is first born and turns one year old. For our two sons on their first birthday, we decided to throw a small party at our house and invite the family to celebrate, it turned out very well for us because the celebration was great, but still not too heavy.

Today I want to share with you ten tips and ideas on how to throw a first birthday party at home for your little one. If you are planning a birthday party for your child, I hope this helps.

1st Birthday At Home Ideas

1st Birthday At Home Ideas

When it comes to your little one’s party, you should schedule it close to his bedtime. With our boys, we make sure the party starts half an hour to an hour after their bedtime so they don’t get tired and depressed during the party.

Tips For Throwing Your Childs First Birthday Party

2. Don’t forget your wallet. This is great for party favors or cake if you don’t want them to cover all of their birthday clothes. You can buy themed birthday packages online for a few pounds if you want something special.

If you don’t want to make your children’s first birthday cake, don’t worry about pushing yourself. For our first son’s first birthday, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law offered to bake us a cake, and for the boys after their birthdays, we bought them from the supermarket. If you want something more personal, then many supermarkets offer cheap personalization services if you book early.

4. Make a small, simple snack and accept help if offered. When it comes to holiday meals, look for a mix of snacks that are appropriate for your child and other children visiting, as well as adult foods. But don’t try to carry too much – there’s more than enough junk. Start preparing your food an hour before the party starts, and if someone asks you to help with it, accept the help to make the day better.

Your child only gets one turn, so either ask someone to take some photos for you or take them yourself. Make sure you are among them! It’s very easy to become the host and then realize you’re not in the photos taken. So hand your camera to someone and ask if they mind taking some photos if they’re honest.

Of The Best First Birthday Cake Recipes

6. Give your child a cute first birthday outfit A first birthday is a big milestone and I love to wear my boys something special on their big day. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, these days you can get very cheap clothes and baby clothes for one year olds in stores like Primark and supermarket chains.

Remember that for your little one, his first birthday is just a day. They may be more interested in the wrapping paper than the gift, they may not care about the cake, and they may be distracted by the whole process. So take it easy, take it easy, and don’t try to do anything too complicated.

It’s easy to invite all your family and friends over, but I think it’s always nice to be cozy and small, especially if you don’t have a big house. So the less people you have to work with and take care of, the better your day will be.

1st Birthday At Home Ideas

9. Use paper plates so you don’t have to wash the dishes later. This is what we always do when we have parties at our house so we don’t have to do anything afterwards. Throwing a party is exhausting, and when everyone goes home, the less clean up, the better!

Party Time! 45creative First Birthday Party Ideas

But in the end, it’s all about enjoying that special day and celebrating the little people you created and raised. We hope these tips were helpful and if you are planning your child’s first birthday, it will be a great day for you and them. I know I say it all the time, but Chloe Rainbow’s first birthday was one of my favorites! I really like the color! And the gold mirror letters… ahh, I can’t wait to use them again in one of their bedrooms. Unlike Lila’s first birthday, this one was held in our room in Florida. We removed the large text to create a background and replaced the wine bottle with an unbreakable cup. haha.

How to Throw a Rainbow 1st Birthday Party 1. Have a balloon giveaway! It’s small and easy to make, but has a big impact. I hung 2 small star rings on top for extra magic.

2. Add your words. I decided to use “She’s Magic, this one” because I like it, but you can use “Happy Birthday” or something.

3. Everything is delicious. To be honest, we have more candy than we need. It’s a small party, but I’ll order dessert and it’ll be like a decoration for the guests. Also, I never mind leftovers 😉 We had a huge cake for the birthday girl, cookies displayed on that beautiful acrylic dessert wall, and a cake for the guests.

Easy Diy Birthday Decorations

4. Party. This year, my favorite party favors are foam, chalk, pinwheels, and bath toys.

5. Food: We ordered Chipotle and it was really good! Everything is separated, so that people can do what they want and how they want, and it is good for children. Other than Chipotle, the only thing we have is some fruit and vegetable baby food bags for the little ones.

6. Activities. My friend told me how you can rent a soft play area for a baby shower and it sounds great. But when I look at it, it’s so cheap that I can buy it and leave it for the girls to use after the party is over. This Wiwiurka game is really good! Coupled with soccer holes and unicorn rocking chairs, the kid will always be busy. They still play this game every day.

1st Birthday At Home Ideas

Acrylic Cookie Place: Fashion Group // Gold Mirror Acrylic Sign by Creative Amme // Sippy Cup: Recycled // Unicorn Chalk: Twee // Acrylic Flower Box: Tassels // Flag: Ellie and Piper // Wood Furniture: Wiwiurka

Nora’s First Birthday Party Recap

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Privacy Policy – Blog Design by Georgia Lou Studios – Creator Forum Copyright | Popular Party Planning Blog This dog birthday party is a fun theme for kids who love furry friends. These expensive party decorations are made almost entirely from dollar store paper cutouts!

When my youngest was one year old, we knew one thing for sure. Let’s have a dog birthday party…or a dog with dogs 😉 She loves all pets and is very happy with dogs. Another thing we like? Easy. We moved in last summer and just finished renovating the kitchen, central floors throughout the house, and we hit this party, easy is the name of the game for us.

All the decorations were made with paper (and some balloons!) from the dollar store. This makes the jewelry very affordable for this group. Most of the food is dog-themed and comes with chips and treats. We always try to put a big veggie plate on the counter with birthdays… but it looks bad on the photo table 😉

Our Daughter’s Classic Pink & White First Birthday

For the holiday table backdrop, I used black poster board from the dollar store and black and brown cardboard from the dollar store. I like to use dollar store poster board for the panel – you can see I used black cardboard for the background of this panel. I cut out the collar and the big exit sign with scissors and used a white marker to write “paw-ty” and all the C’s.

I love doing this for my kids first birthday. It’s great to remember all the statistics.

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